4 Degrees That Can Help You Succeed If You Want To Start Your Own Business

Not all degrees are created equal, and many degrees will not help you land a job or start your own business. Starting your own business is hard work, and it’s even harder work to make it successful. These four degrees below will help get a leg up if you’re trying to start you own business.

4 Degrees That Can Help You Succeed If You Want To Start Your Own Business

Finance And Accounting

A degree that revolves around finance or accounting is invaluable. Learning how to appropriately manage money is crucial when you’re trying to run a business. Business owners have many more finances to deal with than most people do, and keeping all this information organized will keep your business floating rather than sinking. The knowledge of how to file taxes alone is worth the investment of an accounting degree.


Many think that philosophy is just used for teaching purposes, but a philosophy degree can be used for much more. Philosophy develops debating skills, and it helps you think outside of the box. These two things skills will give you an edge when you start to develop products and services for your business. Also, you’ll learn how to work with people and how to connect with your customers better.

Advertising And Marketing

Without advertising and marketing knowledge, your business may never take flight and fail before it has a chance to succeed. Even if you do get your business off the ground, hiring a marketing agency or an in-house marketer can be expensive. It’s always good to outsource when your business gets to a certain level, but having the knowledge of how to do it yourself is priceless.


A degree in business management or choosing to pursue an MBA can prove to be beneficial when starting your own business. Business degrees focus on building a business, organization, public speaking, management, and goal setting. Out of all the degrees listed here, business degrees will get you the farthest. If physically going to school is out of the question, consider getting an online MBA. This is the most practical way of earning your MBA with a limited amount of time.

The above degrees will likely get you the farthest in the world of business. All of the degrees above offer practical, useful information that all business owners will need at one point or another. Also, learning how to narrow your focus on what you want in business can help you decide what degree program is best for you.

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