4 Kinds Of Network Security That Are Crucial To Your Company’s Infrastructure

Dramatic headlines remind us that network security is vital to every organization. It’s a concept that, in practice, covers many areas of specialization. In order to be effective, a security approach should cover several different approaches.

4 Kinds Of Network Security That Are Crucial To Your Company's Infrastructure

Training and Policies

It should not be surprising that one of the most important aspects to protecting your network involves its users. Employees should receive regular training and updates on company procedures and policies. This should include proper password selection, data access, file sharing and storage, and protection from potential outside threats from malicious emails or downloads. They should be held accountable for any violations, as bad habits can lead to bad security. Education should include not just good security practices, but the consequences of not following those policies.

Physical Security

This may seem like an odd choice, but remember that a network is formed of hardware primarily—computers, routers, servers, laptops, and even smartphones. Protecting your business data and assets against theft or unauthorized use is vital. Physical access to routers, servers, and other network devices should be restricted with quality locks, access key cards, and biometric scanners. Secure areas should be monitored with cameras and alarms. Protection against fire and water damage should also be in place, not to mention common sense practices like taking regular data backups and storing them offsite.

Maintain a Strong Perimeter

It may sound like military parlance, but in terms of networks this is your front line of defense. Firewalls, and firewall applications, can filter out potential threats entering or leaving your network. Many routers are equipped with firewall capabilities and can be configured to your needs. Encryptions, anti-malware, and protocols should be in place as part of any security scheme. Security firms can design custom solutions, offer security assessment, and provide other IT services in Ottawa or your particular locale.

According to an MIT paper, anti-malware is becoming cumbersome, and future solutions should trend to lighter, more intelligent software that behaves like an immune system. Choose your security applications wisely, and always be sure you deploy the latest patches and upgrades to your software.


Diligent monitoring of your network is essential to security. Scanners, sniffers and other tools provide information and alerts on intrusions and vulnerabilities. Many hackers use these same tools to probe for weaknesses. Your network security team can establish a baseline to help identify unusual activity or events.

No single solution can guarantee you’ll never be hacked or compromised, but a proactive, multi-layered approach should neutralize most threats.

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