4 Professional Services Every Small Business Needs

Using certain third-party professional services will decrease costs and increase quality and productivity. Below introduces four services that every small business should consider implementing.

4 Professional Services Every Small Business Needs


In order to save money, small business owners should consider having someone else manage their money. Payroll and taxes are a challenge for small business owners with limited financial training and knowledge. Outsourcing accounting services to financial experts will decrease costs and increase tax compliance.

This is because financial experts, such as CPAs, are driven to streamline operations, minimize mistakes and increase accountability. Utilizing a professional accounting service will also mean that small business owners will have continual access to seasoned financial advice.

Human Resources

Screening, interviewing and hiring new employees is very time consuming. A temp employment agency is a convenient way for small business owners to quickly access labor without having to worry about reviewing resumes and performing background checks. If the small business owner is satisfied with a certain worker and wants to permanently hire them, they simply pay the temp employment agency a one-time nominal fee. On the other hand, small business owners can also simply hire freelancers through popular websites such as Guru, Elance and Upwork.


Any small business that regularly ships products should use a third-party logistics provider. In fact, a logistics company is essential for any business that deals with imports and exports. A small business, such as a retailer, will need to outsource their shipping needs to a logistics company that will be able to coordinate with warehouses, distribution companies and trucking companies. Outsourcing logistical needs is an excellent way to take advantage third-party supply chain management skills and knowledge. This will reduce overall spending and improve customer satisfaction with order fulfillment.

Pest Control

Hiring a professional pest control service can have several benefits. First, this is safer because professional pest control technicians know how to properly use insecticides and other toxic tools and you can often get a free estimate. However, they will first explore different alternative, nontoxic methods to deal with pests. This means that the business owner won’t have to worry about storing poisonous chemicals on-site.

Second, pest control will eliminate exposure to potential annoyances that come with pests. Bear in mind that a pest problem diminishes the company’s professional image. Finally, professional pest control experts will save money in the long run because they know the most effective methods to permanently eliminate pest problems.

Last but not least, small business owners should also consider outsourcing their IT, marketing and customer service functions.

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