4 Surprising Industries That Hire Freelancers

Freelancing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to work. It represents one of the most flexible ways for skilled individuals to provide their services for others without being tethered by contracts and company regulations.

An independent study produced by the Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk reports that approximately 53 million Americans work as freelancers. That is roughly a third of the American workforce.

4 Surprising Industries That Hire Freelancers

Let’s take a look at four of the most surprising industries where you will find freelancers to help you understand just how desirable freelancing is.

1. Cable Industries

It may sound surprising to hear, but many cable companies are opting for freelance installation specialists. This allows one freelancer to work for multiple companies, which in turn increases the overall amount of work that can be accomplished.

Freelancers with electrical engineering experience and training will find this industry lucrative and profitable in developing areas.

2. Chemical Engineering Analysts

Many engineering companies are hard at work in developing new ways to solve age-old problems. Building material developers experiment with new mixtures of mineral-based compounds mixed with synthetic chemicals to produce products like concrete that lasts longer.

Freelance chemists are being hired to test and collect data about these new compounds.

While this does require a decent amount of education and experience, it does make for a lucrative profession that allows companies to use neutral parties to test their developments.

3. Semi-Trailer Truck Hauling

There has been a marked increase in the number of experienced semi-trailer truck drivers around the United States. The increased demand for moving products across the country and the increased affordability of the infrastructure needed to do so has motivated many truck drivers to work as freelance professionals.

Places like Arrow Truck Sales make it possible for truck drivers to acquire top-of-the-line used Mack trucks at affordable prices.

For freelancers who love the open road, this industry is a dream come true.

4. CAD Engineering

While many people are aware of how freelancers in writing and art have become more common with the advent of the Internet, few are aware of just how many people take certain design jobs into their own hands. CAD engineering represents one of the most promising of freelance careers.

The reason this industry is so prolific revolves around the fact that excellent engineers are hard to find. By using freelance engineers, companies can obtain innovative solutions that think outside of the box to solve their problems.

More Freelance Opportunities than Ever Before

Given the increase in freelance employees across the United States, the number of opportunities for freelancers is likely to grow. They allow companies to obtain more flexible and dependable employees who can be more cost-effective than more traditional employee models.

The best part about freelancing is that it can allow for more freedom than traditional situations, which in turn allows for freelancers to shine even brighter.

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