4 Ways To Keep Your Restaurant Clean and Healthy

If there is one priority a restaurateur is keenly aware of, it is keeping a restaurant clean and healthy. When food is stored and prepared in restaurants, it becomes a liability if food goods are not stored properly at recommended temperatures in impeccably clean storage places.

Restaurant owners know that their facilities are inspected without prior notice by municipal or state health departments to insure public safety. There are four ways to keep your restaurant clean and healthy to avoid food contamination that might cause illness among restaurant patrons. These include:

  • Daily inspections of equipment and food prep areas
  • Schedule daily cleaning at the end of each shift
  • Maintaining a checklist to ensure all areas are clean
  • Hire a professional restaurant cleaning service

4 Ways To Keep Your Restaurant Clean and Healthy

A Spotlessly Clean Restaurant

From the minute the doors of a restaurant swing open for business, dining patrons should not only see but feel the restaurant is spotlessly clean. Odors and cooking residue should not be immediately apparent to patrons. If they are, it is a sign that the food prep area has not properly installed fume hoods to remove odors and those odors may already adhere to prep counters and walls. Daily inspections of restaurant equipment and the food prep areas are essential to keep your restaurant clean and healthy no matter how large or small the restaurant may be.

Schedule Daily Cleanings at the End of Each Shift

For restaurants that are open for most of the day and night, it is essential that the restaurant be cleaned in proportion to the volume of business. If there are different shifts for cooks, waiters and bus staff, cleaning should be done at the end of each shift.

Maintain a Checklist to Ensure All Areas Are Clean

To make certain every section of your restaurant is clean and healthy, create a checklist of these areas and keep track of cleaning frequency. This should also include restroom facilities.

If your restaurant relies on strainers for food prep, consider replacing them with new sanitary custom strainers. You can find a variety of strainer basket options such as filter bags, wedge wire, perforated, wire cloth with options for jacketed housing, water and steam.

Hire a Professional Restaurant Cleaning Service

If your restaurant is always busy at most times of the day and night, the best way to keep your restaurant clean and healthy is to hire a professional restaurant cleaning services. Check your local area for a company near you.

A clean restaurant is crucial if you want to keep your doors open. Establish strict standards that follow your local ordinances, and ensure all new employees are properly trained.

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