5 Job Positions Your Business Might Be Missing

Most businesses don’t realize it, but there are key job positions that they might be missing. Population and technological changes have resulted in businesses needing to add the following five positions to their workforce.

5 Job Positions Your Business Might Be Missing

Diversity Coordinator

Experts predict that demographic groups in the U.S. will continue to change in the coming years. Because of this, company employee demographics are now more diverse than ever. Therefore, large companies need diversity coordinators in order to create a welcoming culture that fosters acceptance and cross-communication. Studies show that employees in diverse companies have better creativity, teamwork and productivity.

Social Media Analyst

More and more consumers rely on social media platforms to shop, engage companies and seek customer service help. Every company needs social media analysts in order to stay abreast of developing and changing trends. This will involve monitoring competitor’s social media sites and current customer concerns. Companies that fail to capitalize on social media trends will lose competitiveness and potential revenue.

Market Researcher

The field of marketing is shifting to online platforms, such as blogs, forums, review websites and social media platforms. Therefore, companies now need market researchers who can analyze and aggregate consumer sales and marketing data. In fact, more and more companies now use data analytics in order to understand and predict consumer choices and behaviors. Companies that are armed with this information will be able to stay ahead of the competition.

Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officers, or CIOs, are becoming a standard position in most corporate businesses. CIOs are responsible to oversee the technological needs of the company and keep ahead of technological advancements in their industry. This involves managing IT systems, such as ERP and CRM programs. CIOs are also responsible for both the IT budget and related IT projects.

Training Manager

Every company should have a skilled trainer that can educate and motivate employees. A training manager will be able to help employee’s identify weaknesses and create objective goals in order to help them improve their performance. In fact, many companies over rely on HR managers to play the role of primary trainer, but HR and education are two entirely different fields. A training manager with a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis will know how to solve various performance problems.

To recap, demographic and technology changes have created certain key positions, such as diversity coordinator, social media analyst and market researcher. In addition to this, every large corporate company should have a CIO and training manager. Adding any of these positions to a workforce is a smart business decision for any company.

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