5 Signs Your Employee Is Going To Quit Soon

Employee turnover is not only expensive but it leads to a lengthy yet hectic procedure of recruitment which involves job listing, interview sessions, short listing of candidates and finally the training. This can become worse if a mid-level employee is going to leave the job.

Therefore, it is important for the employers to know the signs which indicate that an employee is going to quit the job. Knowing the signs will not only help employers prepare for the upcoming recruitment process, but it can also help them address the situation appropriately.

5 Signs Your Employee Is Going To Quit Soon

If the issue can be resolved by mutual understanding, neither the employee has to look for another job nor will the employer need to find someone else. Following are some of the major signs which will help you notice that your employee is going to leave the job.

  1. Sloppy Work Habits:

Employees who are loyal to the company are likely to complete their work before the deadline. So, when they start delaying work, it is a sign that they are no more interested in putting their efforts for the success of company.

If a hardworking employee slips-up occasionally, there is nothing to worry about as bad phase comes on everyone and you may not know what he is struggling with in his personal life. However, if the lapses are lasting longer, then it is a clear sign that he is no more interested in working with you.

For instance, you are running an academic writing company which provides assignment writing service in which delivering the orderbefore the deadline is the key to success. So, if any of your writers is not giving extra time for project completion and missing deadlines continuously, it means that your company’s reputation is not his concern anymore and he may about to quit the job soon.

  1. Taking Extra Offs:

If an employee starts taking extra offs, it is a sign that your employee is willing to quit the job. Besides taking random leaves, arriving late or leaving early is also a symptom that he is no more interested in working with you. So, if an employee who has been a model citizen start taking extra offs or availing paid leaves, months before the year ends, it means that he has made his decision of abandoning ship.

  1. Leaving Hints:

Similar to criminals who leave hints before committing crime, dissatisfied employee who wants to quit the job leaves hints for the employer. You may not be able to interpret the hints if you are not observing them closely.

But once he is gone, you can look back and remember the seeds he has planted for his departure. Therefore, it is important not to ignore these signs and address them right away to make arrangements before he departs.

  1. Take A Peek At Social Media:

Most of the people are not able to control their excitement of a great job opportunity they have got and share instantaneously on their social media about how excited they are about the new job. Your employee who is searching for another job may be one of them.

However, you can easily miss this hint if you are not taking a peek at their social media. So, if you observe any drastic change in the habits or attitude of an employee, it is important to have a look at his social media and you may find a hit of his impending departure.

  1. Active On LinkedIn:

To get a job, we first call the people we already know –working in the same field. If we do not get any opportunity via their help, we start networking. To get a job opportunity and to strengthen the professional network, there is no better place then LinkedIn. So, if any of your staff members have increased networking activities on LinkedIn, then it is a sign that he is going to quit soon.

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