5 Things That Can Make Your Developers Hate You

Developers are a sensitive breed, and there are a number of things that can make them hate you. Let us find out what these cardinal sins are:

Rush a Project with 10 (or more) Layouts

We know that most projects are on a tight deadline and we want them to finish within those deadline. But if you really on a tight rope and ask your developer to produce number of complex responsive layouts in a very short time, then this is a recipe for disaster. Creating complicated layouts within short time is not an easy task and usually never ends well. Design is the most important aspect of a website so you need to give developers some time to get the quality that you are looking for.

Demand Desktop Functionality on Mobile

This is another thing that developers hate, when a client ask them to produce working 10 image flash carousel on iPhone. Being a developer, let me tell you this is not going to happen. You can try pack an Atari 2600 game on a PlayStation and see for yourself what the result looks like.

5 Things That Can Make Your Developers Hate You

Do not Plan for Adaptive Content

You might hear many people talking about the importance of “Responsive Content” but it is the future of web design, as the number of mobiles, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles users accessing websites is increasing day by day. It has now officially overtaken the desktop user, which seemed a distant possibility not so long ago. But when you don’t plan for an adaptive approach to your content, you are bound to revisit your developer again and again in order to reformat the content. It would be in the best interest for both you and your developer to adopt the “Create Once Publish Everything” approach to save time and money.

Have no Clear Content Strategy in Place

Although, content strategy is not part of a platform, process or technology, rather it portrays your vision. If you have a content strategy in place, it will align the needs of your customer needs and their values with the content you publish and post.

There is no harm in asking your E-Business and E-Commerce Solutions provider to refine few points about the content strategy that you provided but when you leave the whole content strategy to them you are taking a big risk, it will be like leaving pile of money on the table. Content should be treated like you treat your business asset. No one knows your company or business like you do, so leaving it on someone cost turn out to be costly for you.

Ask for Tons of Non-symmetrical Images

If you are looking to post rectangular images on your blog along with a 100% responsive website, you will have to find a middle ground if you don’t want to give your web designer a heart attack. There are plenty of very simple ways by which you can plan a responsive web design project, if you follow them, your E-Business and E-Commerce Solutions provider will praise you wholeheartedly.

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