5 Top Tips For VoIP Call Security In Your Business

Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP for short – is the technology that allows your business to make convenient and free calls by using the internet rather than traditional telephone lines. You can use the same VoIP network wherever you are, so long as you have downloaded the system onto your phone or computer. VoIP is valuable for business and comes with many benefits. But it is not without its dangers. In order to get the best out of your VoIP system, consider the following security measures you can take to protect your company.

5 Top Tips For VoIP Call Security In Your Business

1. Encrypt Your Data

When you encrypt data you change it into an unreadable form as you transmit it over the internet network. Data is then re-encrypted to arrive at the destination in a readable or understandable format. As you transmit VoIP data over different networks, it is important that the data cannot be intercepted and used as it is transmitted. Check how data encryption works with your business VoIP system.

2. Set Up Authentication

Make sure that no one can use the network apart from your employees. Make sure there is adequate authentication in place that requires people to log in and provide password and other information before being able to make calls or access address books and other data. It should be common sense to set up passwords on any internet system but it is worth mentioning in case VoIP is somehow seen as less vulnerable to unauthorised access.

3. Choose Credible Passwords

As with any log in system, the strength of protection is only as good as the strength of the passwords. Weak passwords are vulnerable to unauthorised access. Make sure that employees know the importance of choosing effective passwords.

4. Set Up a Strong Firewall

This is important not just for VoIP but for your business internet security in general. Ensure that your firewalls are updated and offering optimum protection when you set up a new VoIP system.

5. Monitor Out of Hours

There is the potential for VoIP attacks to occur outside of business hours when the system is not monitored. If possible, set up alternative security measures for the times outside of business hours and check that the system is monitored so that if any problems do occur, users can get them fixed.

When you sign up with a VoIP supplier, check what security measures are put in place for businesses that work with the system. If you are unsure how stringent security is, ask the company for more details and only choose a provider that offers in-depth and reliable internet protection.

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