5 Types Of Computer Specialists For Your Emerging Company

Maybe you are looking to expand your IT department or produce that next bit of revolutionary software. The brains behind the code, installation, configuration and administration of your in-house computer systems will typically compose a team of individuals with all sorts of credentials and certifications attached to their names. When looking to hire new talent, it may not be initially clear which computer specialist does what or why you need them. The following is an overview of five computer specialists of whom your emerging company might want to consider hiring.

5 Types Of Computer Specialists For Your Emerging Company

The Software Engineer

The role of the software engineer is one that is essential to the development of highly technical software. Applying principles of mathematics, engineering and computer science to modern programming applications, these individuals help to ensure that your company’s software does what it is supposed to with amazing precision. Their work also involves hours of testing and evaluating programs to ensure their viability in practice.

Computer Repair Technician

Aside from software concerns, many businesses also have very specific computer hardware concerns that must be addressed as well. A computer repair technician specializes in making sure that the computers your company is using are operating at peak performance. Any time there is a malfunction, a computer repair technician will be helpful in the disassembling and repair of hardware components. Having a qualified computer repair technician on hand will help to avoid the need to rely on farming out this work and wasting time waiting for repairs to be completed by third-party companies.

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

One of the individuals who keeps on top of your office network is the network and computer systems administrator. This is the person who is going to configure and install your MS Exchange server, which will keep your office email operating smoothly. Such an individual will likely be MCSE certified, having undergone specialized training in the area of working with MS Exchange and similar software packages.

Computer Support Specialists

A computer user support specialist is the person who is going to help to make sure your clients are getting the computer-related support they need. For example, if your company has released a particular piece of software, a computer user support specialist will be ready to guide end users through the process of handling any trouble they may be having with your company’s software. Providing this type of support is generally essential for ensuring client satisfaction. When the computer support specialist is hired to do this work in-house for employees of your company, they operate under the title of a computer network support specialist. These individuals will be assisting your less-tech-savvy employees with any software and hardware issues that may arise to help your office maintain a consistent level of performance.

IT Security Specialist

If your company is storing a lot of highly sensitive information in an accessible electronic format on your network, then chances are you will be needing the services of an IT security specialist. An MBA in information technology (click here for more information) can provide the necessary qualifications for an IT security specialist in your company. Because of all the cyber-attacks on companies these days, there is an increased demand for individuals who specialize in detecting and repelling these attacks. In addition, your customers and important clients generally do not appreciate their sensitive information being leaked to third-party hackers. This can be truly bad for business and lead to potential legal troubles when your company’s data is not being properly secured.

With the field of computer software and hardware specializations ever increasing, businesses are always in need of new talent to utilize their in-house computer systems more effectively. They are also in need of computer specialists to handle customer and client concerns as well. This trend does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. In fact, as more elaborate computer systems are developed, the need for greater specialization and certification appears to be growing in line with these ever-evolving technical advancements.

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