5 Ways To Keep A Track Of Time During Job-Search

Of course, job search these days has grown to be a much trickier business!

It’s no more looking in a newspaper, spotting job vacancies and sitting outside the interviewer’s room, waiting for your chance. It has developed to paint the picture in a different manner entirely. With the number of sources endorsing job vacancies having creeping up exponentially, there’s a dire need to adopt a different outlook and approach altogether.

In a time when unemployment rates are going sky-high too, there’s much more than investing a ton of cash in your job search to score a desirable offer. The job market today requires for you to be time-efficient as well. It’s not about spending months and years, hunting for the best potential employer. But, job hunt today is all about saving as much time as possible. Hence mentioned below are 5 such hacks to help you in the same regard.

5 Ways To Keep A Track Of Time During Job-Search

1) You Know it- The Social Media Way!

From displaying job alerts to spotting potential employees, social media today has become an integral part of any recruiter’s talent sourcing campaign. You can look up at any employer’s or company’s website and follow their public pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

But only connecting with them isn’t enough, you need to develop an efficient online profile as well. Customize your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to make it job-hunt centric and be updated with latest industry trends.

2) Have an Efficient Schedule in Place

Whether you’ve just begun your job-search or have spent a considerable time in the same, getting down with a time bound schedule always helps. This entails anything from checking job openings, sending emails, making follow up calls to going for fresh interviews. In case, you’re employed and looking for a new job, then it becomes all the more important. Moreover, you’ll also need a priority list to set short and long term goals that need to be achieved with the passage of time.

3) Begin With Pre-Screened Recruiters

A multitude of job seekers are into the habit of applying for jobs randomly, just to increase their probability to get employed. However, this is an equally futile process like an attempt to hit the bull’s eye with a blindfold on.

Make sure that you are contacting and applying with recruiters who are experts in the industry of your choice. This might be the kick start to your career you’ve always desired, don’t settle for anything but the best in the business.

4) Sign in With Job Alerts

It’s completely fine if you’re not a fan of social media. Setting up an email alert for various jobs might just be the hack you require. All you need is to specify regarding the kind and location of job you require, and there’ll be an email waiting for you in the inbox as soon as openings matching your criteria crop up.

However, if you are not sure regarding the kind of job you’re hunting for, instead of beating your head up against the wall, just set up a few different alerts from numerous sources.

5) Never Underestimate The Power of A Network

You might be registering with a zillion job portals, applying for jobs and sending your CV to numerous recruiters. But, in reality, you should be spending a majority of your time to meet people and let them do the job for you.

Attend various events and functions pertaining to your industry to meet such people and earn your referrals. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to increase your span and knowing the most delicate of intricacies that will affect your job hunt campaign.

Tapping the job market is all about being organized and demonstrating due diligence. The moment you understand these two basics, things start clicking right and before you know, there’s an offer letter waiting on your desk!


Author Bio :

Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. He writes on various topics relating to employment across the globe. Connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter, or contact him at [email protected]

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