6 Ways To Advertise Your Business In Your Local Area

Nowadays, every marketer is obsessed with social media, email newsletters, and SEO. Every website is teaching you to build your online community and digital sales. That’s all well and good, but what about the local entrepreneurs? What about the tradespeople looking to grow a local reputation? Or the small boutique store on the high street? For them, and you, there is still a lot of mileage in getting out and providing local, physical marketing. Today we’re going to show you exactly how to do that.

6 Ways To Advertise Your Business In Your Local Area

1. Leaflets

For many small businesses, leaflets are a very powerful tactic. When people want work done to their homes, for example, they prefer local services. They’ll instantly turn to the leaflet that came through their door. This will work if you’re a local gardener or handyman. Design a leaflet that captures attention and details your services. Highlight the fact that you’re local, and you’ll see work start to trickle in.

2. Launch Events

One way to draw people’s attention in your area, is to host a launch event. We’ve seen this work especially well for boutique stores and other small businesses. A shopkeeper, for example, could host a small gig in the store itself. Decorate the shop with some corporate balloons and bunting to show off your branding. Make it a night to remember and invite the local media.

3. Newspaper Adverts

At a national level, physical newspapers are not as popular as they once were. However, local newspapers still have a heavy circulation. Many still turn to them when looking for essential services and announcements. You can take out an ad at a very reasonable price to announce your company or drum up business.

4. Networking

You’ll find a tight knit community in almost every town in the country. It’s your job to hunt it out and immerse yourself in it. Most local businesses thrive off word of mouth. Make connections with community leaders, attend events and show your face. You never know where your next recommendation might come from. Become part of the local scene if you want to build a reputation.

5. Use the Internet 

I know we said this would focus on local techniques. However, the internet plays a big part in that. Google now indexes its results with a heavy weight on locality. It’s super important that your local business is listed on Google Maps. You should also use SEO techniques to improve your presence when people search for your service.

6. Review Sites

Finally, review sites have become the industry standard for local businesses. Over 90% of customers and clients now trust online reviews such as Yelp and Tripadvisor. You should encourage your customers to leave you a score or review on these sites. Build up your reputation and you’ll rise to the top in your location.

As a small business, it pays to start in your local. Remember, if you can make it work in your local area, you can scale up and make it work everywhere! Follow the advice here and dominate your local community. Good luck!

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