Bedroom Business: How To Make Money In Your JimJams

Ok, before we start, this isn’t one of those adverts about a Boston mom that makes a gazillion dollars EVERY WEEK just by turning on her computer. Well, maybe it is a little bit. The truth is that you can make some money from home, but it won’t be enough to live on at least when you are starting out. It can, however, provide you with a boost to your savings in exchange for a lot of research, a little work, and a healthy slice of luck. Ready to get started, you bedroom entrepreneur you? Of course you are. So let’s go.

Inspire Yourself

Think about the companies that have made a lot of money from very humble beginnings. Apple, for example, famously started in a garage, while Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg did the same from a college dorm. Now, these examples are based on driven personality types more than anything else, but there is plenty of inspiration to be taken from them. It really is possible to start a successful business from home.

Bedroom Business: How To Make Money In Your JimJams

Find Your Talent

Everybody is good at something, although if you talk to my mother, she has the opposite opinion of my dad. But the point is to be a success you have to find your talent. And if it’s going to work on the sidelines outside of a job, the it needs to be something you enjoy, too. Home-based businesses are often thought to be web-based, but there are countless opportunities out there. You could start a cooking business for example, and make connections with local stores to take a certain number of products every week. Or if you can knit a mean sweater, then try to build up enough stock to open a stall at a local market. There is an endless opportunity for being entrepreneurial at home, so don’t just restrict yourself to online businesses.

Use Your Money

It’s never been easier to invest from the comfort of your own home, and if it turns out that you are good enough, you could even turn it into a business. You could use a service like ACM to start trading gold like you are a mid-1800s prospector. One minute you will be using software to make a little profit, the next you could have clients on the phone demanding to know if they should buy or sell. Or you could just find a stockbroker who understands your need for a lie in and won’t call you until after 10am to fill you in on how your Starbucks shares have done overnight. However, while the point is lighthearted, it must be stressed that you must be wary of investing in anything that will affect your finances.

Use Your Dreams

OK, so all that daydreaming must mean something, right? Whatever you dream up while you are having a snooze, why not make it happen? It’s  easier than ever to turn your ideas into a reality these days. Let’s say you have an idea for an app, but have no idea how to develop it. You can look at the different markets that lie abroad and find a developer for a fraction of the cost that you can over here.

So, to conclude, as long as you can come up with a serious plan and a front a little investment, you can really make those dreams happen!

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