Best Tips To Streamlining Reverse Logistics

When we send a parcel to local areas or international countries, we wish that the parcel should reach safely at the destination. And the logistic companies take risk of our parcel and assure us to delivery our parcel safely. But sometimes shippers fail to deliver the Parcel safely. Damage occurs at the time of transportation and carelessness of labours those who upload and unload goods.

When those damaged goods gathered at the courierpoint, which becomes a headache for the shippers. Because they have to handover that parcel to the customer. Here are some tips through which the logistic companies can handover the damaged article easily.

1. Try Technical Tools for Tracking Returned Record

Every logistic company has their own tracking system. They can track expired products, products that are required to returned, those goods are on hold and those products which are not registered.

2. Generate Proper System for Reverse Materials

First find out the proper and simple procedure through which easily can manage the returned process. Think that which parcel is more important, track the current location of the parcel and research how to manage, where to store and how fast can be shipped the damaged products.

Best Tips To Streamlining Reverse Logistics

3. Consult Shipping Experts & Take Help from Them

Find out the whole shipping process and make sure that your shipping company can solve the reverse logistics operations. If your company can manage this problem then its okay but if not then you must take the expert or the 3rd parties like warehouse managers, transportation companies. They can handle all the situations and solve the critical returned material operations.

4. Take the Advantage of Transportation Vehicle

Dear logistic service providers, you can take chance or advantage of the vehicle by which you are delivering the goods. Suppose you are from USA and you are doing parcel to Germany then you have to do international courier. But if you are delivering the goods in local area you can load the damaged materials on the same vehicle and keep those stuffs in your warehouse. By doing this you can save money means it can reduce transportation costs.

5. Follow the FIFO Rule

Always try to deliver the parcel or mange reversed logistic operation on First-in-first-out system. By following this rule you can easily handover the damaged products to the customers on time without any complain.

As soon as possible track the damaged products it will help in reducing the cost. As much as possible try to find out, analyze and repair the parcel issues within your transportation area.

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