Can Introverts Be Successful Managers?

Whenever we list down the looked-for traits of an entrepreneur, introvert nature would never make it to it.  This is a general perception that introvert are too shy for management jobs in Pakistan as they demand extrovert nature and people’s skills to cop up the challenges of the managerial jobs.

However, for introverts, there is no dead end in management jobs as you still have lot of hopes even if you are not that good in dominating discussions. There are few traits which as introvert will benefit you.

They speak less, so means they are good in listening: since I’m an introverts so I know the backlash of being less talkative in management jobs in Pakistan.While working on several projects and presentations my silent presence is often linked with shyness or lack of confidence. But their lack of words usually implies that they were keen listening to what was being said. This attitude makes them good listeners. As they talk after a though process in mind, they are expected to come up with something considerate and constructive.  This makes them appear as serious at work kind of professionals.

Can Introverts Be Successful Managers?

They believe in meaningful networking: being an extrovert you end up having more than required contacts on the list. I have few gregarious professional friends who have a whole bunch of professional links but when they need an evocative professional interaction, hardly two or three of the friends show up at the end. An introvert will focus on quality than quantity. Being in the business a manager knows to make his way out in the crowd as business requires lot of connection building but while doing so he will took somewhat baby steps to make sure that he is going in right direction.

They are driven and focused: I remember the days when I was bullied for being an introvert and still studying management sciences but it turns out that I did better than most of them in the management jobs in Pakistan.  That’s because being a good listener I generated inspirations from my surrounding. Introverts usually seem to learn the habit of empathy and get energy from surroundings. A reclusive wouldn’t worry much if he has to work alone instead of a group but people’s person would be scared by the very thought of working alone with no company. This attitude make them more focused and goals driven and generate more results from their input.

All above words didn’t mean to vitiate the working of an extrovert it simply implies the point that thing can weakens your chances of going forward in the management jobs in Pakistan. All you need to do is to work on your weaknesses and turn them in to your strengths.

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