Choosing A Storage Rack

As a business grows, owners often find that their storage options can’t keep up with the demand for their products. Some business owners decide that boxes are the way to go, which not only leads to clutter and disorganization but may also cause high costs and lost items. To combat those problems, storage racks are often recommended, but the problem many owners seem to struggle with is choosing the right storage option. When choosing a rack, owners must keep in mind how much space they have, as well as how convenient they want their stored items to be. At the same time, business owners must bear in mind what they plan to store. Weight and space go hand-in-hand in making a storage rack choice simpler and efficient.

Choosing the Logical Storage Option

When looking for a storage rack, business owners must carefully and thoroughly analyze what exactly they are storing. For instance, if you’re a small business that sells hair products and accessories, there’s no point of getting a huge platform mezzanine. This is a waste of money, seeing as your business doesn’t get the demand warranted for a large option like this. Consider your budget as well. Spend what you can and go for a reasonable option that won’t hurt your business.

Choosing A Storage Rack

Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is an option that gives you durability while still managing to be compact. There are three main types of steel storage. Open shelving, closed units, and bin units. Open shelving is the smallest option, and as the name implies, doesn’t have anything that blocks the shelves like the others. It’s an option perfect for at-home-businesses as its medium-sized style doesn’t take up too much space. It’s a basic style that is perfect for bulky items or smaller inventories. Closed units are more of a big office or corporation option. They offer more space than open shelving and of course take up more space as well. Units are enclosed with back and side panels. Bin units are similar to closed units in that it offers more space than open shelving, but it’s more for separating different products. Good for businesses that specialize in many different types of products.

Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving offers business owners an inexpensive option as it builds on already existing square footage. Due to its quick and simple assembly, its installation costs are between 30-40% less than other options. It also has more versatility than any other storage rack option and the ability to customize the storage rack comes as a big plus to owners. The boltless option is also freestanding and is perfect for nearly any warehouse.

Gravity Carton-Flow

Gravity flow options, such as the QuikPik shelving system, helps customers utilize space much better than other systems. This style of storage rack allows owners to properly adjust it so employees can quickly find what they are looking for in no time. It increases warehouse space by increasing the amount of space on the racks to lessen a number of aisles used. Stocking is faster too, as newer items are put to the back of the rack. When it’s time to pick out a product, employees simply pick from the front of the rack and the inventory behind it moves down. With this option, it simplifies the restocking option easily, as inventory will always face the worker so there’s no need to stick an arm as far as possible on the shelf to find the product in question.This storage rack is great for e-commerce, as it cuts down on time spent looking for an item and increases work efficiency.

Platform Mezzanines

The largest and strongest form of storage rack options are Mezzanines which add more space to existing warehouses by functioning as an extra floor while still under the same ceiling. These are used for  for larger, heavy-duty loads. Adding these platforms cost 30% less than building a new warehouse from scratch. Mezzanines may not be compact like the other offerings, but it gives business owners the ability to completely max out their space. It’s suitable for large industrial corporations and automobile companies.

For every business owner, there are ways to expand your space. Many storage racks are specifically designed for businesses to help with ease and efficiency. While there are more storage rack options to choose from than those discussed in this article, these represent a basic overview of the storage racks for varying sizes of businesses.

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