Common Marketer Jobs In The Mining Industry

Ever major industry has a marketing department somewhere in it. From construction to aerospace, there are marketers showing their support for industry professionals. The mining industry is no different because many companies are specifically made to promote their jobs. It is important to know a few marketing jobs that are commonly associated with the mining industry.

Common Marketer Jobs In The Mining Industry


The salesperson is the obvious job that pops into the mind when someone thinks of a marketer. Not all salespeople go out and talk to people directly. Some of them sit behind the desk and create sales campaigns for catalogues or websites.

Their main goal is to discuss products with people and reach as many people as they can. Even behind a desk, they get this goal accomplished. Sometimes, they send out brochures or direct mail products to their sales leads. They use the power of persuasive words and advertising materials to sell their products.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are usually not considered to be marketers, but they are. They create various website banners, Web ads and artwork on the computer. They work closely with marketers to place these images on promotional materials.

Without artists like graphic designers, marketers have no way of projecting images to their visual audiences. They need to reach out to their creative-minded customers. Graphic designers create 3D artwork that only they know how to create. Marketing and graphic design are two important fields that are intertwined in many ways.

Customer Service Reps

Whenever someone calls an advertising firm, the customer service representative picks up the phone. This rep is the first contact that the customer makes with the marketing company. This professional is an important representative of the whole company, so he or she usually has exceptional customer service skills. A customer service rep knows the internal departments of the company by heart and directs calls to the right people.


Copywriters work alongside graphic designers in a variety of advertising firms. They also work for individuals and companies that need sales copy. The same way that a salesperson talks is the same way that he writes.

Copywriters use words to communicate directly to the customers of a business and generate new leads. However, they do not write the bland statements you would see in an encyclopaedia. They appeal to the consumer side of people. They use persuasive text that lists all the reasons why people need certain products or services. They compel people to react by including action verbs and calls to action. These writers create copy for blogs, websites, catalogues, brochures and other written materials.

All marketers have the responsibility to reach out to certain individuals and companies. No one else will do the research for you. To reach certain people in the mining industry, you need to get your hands on a list. Without this list, you will be lost and not know which companies to contact. You are encouraged to acquire the most current list of mining companies in Australia. That way, you stay in close touch with mining professionals.

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