Donald Trump’s Expensive Homes

When you happen to be Donald Trump, you need not be worried about living in an opulent home if you cannot get your way into the White House. In fact, you have your own collection of exclusive homes to boast about. Trump, the billionaire, and now the 45th President of The United States of America, owns various palatial and luxurious private properties across the country – some of which are fit enough to give White House adequate competition if needed. Here, we introduce you to some of the most exclusive properties to his name.

Donald Trump’s Expensive Homes

Donald Trump Manhattan Penthouse – Trump Tower

Holding a good rank on the list of most expensive houses in the world, this is one of Donald Trump’s most exclusive properties. Standing as a coveted landmark on 725 Fifth Avenue, this famous 68-story structure houses his business offices and private abode alike. Trump’s residence is on the 66th floor of Trump tower and is designed on the lines of the Palace of Versailles. His three-story pad features diamond and gold encrusted doors and interiors that have 24-carat gold accents. With the most exclusive lamps and platters, lamps, platters, ceiling with intricate Greek mythology inspired paintings, marble walls, and a lot more, the opulence of this building has to be seen to be believed.

Seven Springs Estate Westchester, NY

This Donald Trump house, or more appropriately, the Donald Trump Westchester Estate, had come at a cost of $7.5 million to him, way back in 1996. The luxurious estate was originally constructed in the year 1919 for Eugene Meyer, the 1st President of World Bank. This huge estate sprawls on a 230-acre area and has a main living space with an area of 50,000-square-foot. With 60 rooms to boast of, out of which 15 are well-furnished bedrooms, this property has a bowling alley, three pools, as well as 2 wings that serve as servant’s quarters.

Mar-A-Lago Estate, Palm Beach Florida

This palatial manse stretches across 17 acres. It was originally built for Marjorie Merriweather Post, the cereal princess. However, it ended up becoming one of Trump’s private abodes after he acquired it in 1985. It contains an uber exclusive private club and hotel with 20,000 square foot ballroom, 12 fireplaces, 58 bedrooms, 3 bomb shelters and 33 bathrooms. Currently, the estate valued at $250 million.

Arguably, Trump can be rated as one of the richest property owners that the world has seen.

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