Effective Business Strategy That Help Steer Positive Growth

Annie Duke -the celebrated Duchess of Poker is now out for a second successful innings in life. Thanks to her academic background in cognitive psychology that helped her win tournament after tournament, she is now mentoring and guiding organizations on how they can effectively make successful strategic business decisions. She is now using Decision Science to train and mentor companies on how they can successfully improve the morale and the productivity of the organization and spearhead it to better heights!

Annie used the skills and success of Decision Science to succeed in winning her tournaments. It helped her to understand her opponents and their psyche. Likewise, companies too have to understand the human psyche to succeed. Negotiations and decision making becomes very easy. In fact, crucial decision making is done more accurately and there are lesser faults. When making crucial decisions at the office, it is very important to check the emotional tilt. There are some people who do not take feedback positively.

Effective Business Strategy That Help Steer Positive Growth

It is very important to check the outcome of this feedback- whether it is positive or negative. This will enhance performance and reduce errors to a very large extent. Annie Duke incorporates these skills to employees of the Company. She also teaches sales teams on how to achieve their targets with her effective mentoring skills. She says it is very important for the sales team to understand the psyche of the prospect. In this manner, the deals and negotiations can be done successfully.

Evaluation of Feedback- one of the main philosophies of Decision Science ensures that the person analyzes feedback and checks whether its outcome is negative or positive. There is again the emotional tilt that the person needs to take care of when it comes to crucial decision making. If you think that the skills of Decision Science are confined to the boardroom and company premises, you are wrong. Annie Duke points out major family decisions are made at the kitchen table also and so Decision Science also plays a vital role here.

It is very important for you to understand the psyche of your family members before you make crucial decisions at home. Even in the case of parenting it is important for you to apply the skills of Decision Science to help your kids understand that what you want them to do is for their own good and welfare. Most of the time parents make the grave mistake of giving a grave ultimatum to their children but this does not work. Children feel pressurized and this often makes them disrespect and disobey.

Parents often use force and this is when the relationship is hampered. Things can be achieved better with the skills of Decision Science that Annie Duke teaches to parents. She herself has four children and in raising them she applies the tenets of Decision Science to bring harmony and peace at home. It has worked for her and now she is sharing this piece of successful advice to parents who need counsel and guidance. She has successfully mentored many families and they are happy with the positive changes she has brought into their lives!

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