Farm Equipment Used For Over One Hundred Years

The field of agriculture has changed and evolved over the past hundred years. Access to electricity and advantaged technologies have changed the way people farm. Despite these major changes, certain farm equipment has been used for over one hundred years and continues to be relevant in the industry today. Discover the equipment with staying power on farms across the nation and around the world.

Farm Equipment Used For Over One Hundred Years


Despite all the high technology tools used to get rid of debris and create piles at a farm, a rake is a classic item found on at all types of agricultural facilities. A rake is a fast, easy way to tackle small areas without using electricity or hauling around larger equipment. Rakes are lightweight and take care of a myriad of minor projects in a farm setting.

Watering Can

Sophisticated irrigation and watering systems have still not caused the watering can to be retired. Small potted plants might need extra water under certain conditions. One of the easiest ways to water a few small areas is using a watering can. Plus,they add an old-fashioned and decorative touch to agricultural facilities.

Bulk Bags

For over a century, bulk bags have been used to transport and store dry goods such as rice, beans, and flour. Bulk bags can hold thousands of pounds and can be reused. They are lightweight and easy to store when they are not in use. These durable super sacks can be used in warehouses, in trucks, and more to ensure the safe storage and delivery of dry goods with minimal losses along the way.


Another tool seen on farms for many years is a hoe. While there are more sophisticated ways to dig up plants, loosen the soil, and get rid of weeds, a hoe is still a simple and effective tool to keep on hand at a farm.


A classic shovel is a mainstay wherever there is dirt to be dug and plants to be put into the soil. For small jobs on the farm, a shovel is essential to accomplish the work quickly and effectively. It can also be used to get rid of animal waste.


Cutting back growth and snipping plants are necessary jobs on a farm. A sharp pair of shears is another tool to keep on-hand on a farm. From cutting open packaging to trimming a few flowers to display on a shelf, shears are there to tackle a variety of tasks along the way.

Skilled Labor

No matter how many advanced machinery becomes, it can never be a substitute for skilled labor. While the nature of the jobs performed might change over the years, a dedicated labor force is crucial to keeping a farm productive. Choosing the right people makes a difference in the overall success of any agricultural business.

It is incredible to consider that as much as the agricultural industry continues to change, certain elements remain the same. Timeless tools of the trade are dependable, functional, and effective at getting everything done from tilling to harvesting to storing crops.

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