Finding Out All About Company Registration

While setting up a business is all about giving wings to your ideas, it is also about fulfilling a string of formalities attached to the registration of the company itself. For many, the piecemeal information procured from the government turns out to be immensely confusing. This is where company registration agents can help you.  Anybody over the age of 18 can register a business in Hong Kong. We will discover how the agents help you withhk company registrationin the course of the post – but not before delving into the details of company registration Hong Kong. So, let us read on.

Finding Out All About Company Registration

The Commercial Scenario in Hong Kong

Thanks to the existence of a wide pool of talent, uncomplicated taxation laws, well-established legal system and great infrastructure, Hong Kong is able to offer you the right kind of business environment. Anyone looking for a business expansion in Asia can explore chances in Hong Kong. Company registration process in Hong Kong is a two-fold process including approval of the company name and application for company registration.

Approval of the Company Name

You cannot apply for the company name registration before the name of the company is approved at first. You can choose the name in any language including in English and Chinese. However, please remember that if you are choosing a Chinese name then you should maintain the standard New Sai Ming font. In case you are choosing an English name then it should end with the word “limited”.

You should also be prudent enough to learn about the causes of rejection as well. What are the possible reasons why the name chosen might be rejected? We will explore here.

  • The name proposed by you invades other trademarks
  • The proposed name, it is supposed, will end up hurting public interest or is offensive
  • The proposed name has already been listed with the Index of Company names
  • If the name consists of words like Cooperative, Trust, Bureau, the same has to be further approved by the Chief Executive- simply because there are chances of these inclusions contravening with other legislations

Once the name of the company is approved, you have to apply for its registration. The incorporation form, foreign address, copy of address/foreign address, ID cards, registered address and others are some of the documents that you need to furnish.

How the Company Registration Agents can help You

Take a good look at your responsibilities (as far as company registration is concerned). Sounds like a lot of work. Isn’t it? If it does, then let us tell you that there is no need to panic. Hiring professional company registration agents can make the job easier for you. There are several businesses that will attest to the many benefits of getting these companies on board. These agents have embraced electronic filling method of registration which ensures faster incorporation of papers. Plus they can hasten up the process of appointments with secretary and directors – which is such an important part of the registration process.

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