Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

Automobile accident is indeed very painful, both mentally and physically. You and your car, both suffer the injury. You are required to deal with a chain of legal works after the accident too. In such times, it is quite understood that your mind would be looking for answers to many questions. Here is a list of questions you should know before you hire a LAC car accident lawyer after the accident:

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

Question 1- What should you do after the scene of an accident?

Answer – You may feel like leaving the spot as soon as possible but do not make that mistake. It is advised that you do not leave the scene as doing so may prove you a criminal in the case. Rather than leaving the scene, you should be helping the injured person. You can call a nearby hospital or an ambulance and ask for help.

Question 2 – Should you consider going to a doctor even in case of minor injury?

Answer – The answer is yes. Even if the injury appears minor, you should seek a doctor’s help. You will not know how deep the injury is until you consult a doctor. Even minor soreness can result in significant injury if left untreated. If you miss to ignore seeing a doctor, the insurance company might claim that the minor injury you have is not from the accident. In that case, you will lose the compensation amount. Therefore, contact a doctor even if you have minor injuries.

Question 3 – What should you do if the accident is caused due to fault of other driver?

Answer – As per law, if the accident happens because of other party driver then you are entitled to get a compensation that includes reimbursement of your pharmacy bills, cost of medical treatment, pain, suffering, wages etc. You should first contact a doctor, get your injuries treated and then hire a lawyer to help you claim the compensation from the other party.

Question 4 – Should you pay for the treatment through your health insurance?

Answer – You can consider paying for the treatment using your health insurance. If the other party is found guilty after the lawsuit then you will receive this amount from other party insurance provider.

Question 5 – What should you do if the faulty driver has no insurance?

Answer – The truth is that you can recover only when the faulty driver has insurance or assets. If he does not have any of these, then find out if he has been covered under other person’s insurance policy. If he does not have enough insurance to cover for your damage then you can recover the damage under your own insurance policy.

Question 6 – When should you settle the case?

Answer – You should settle the case only after receiving the required compensation from the other party. This compensation requires reimbursement of your medical bills, hospital bills etc. You should settle the case only when you have received all the compensation and after your doctor has released you from the hospital.

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