Green Business Practices: How To Help Your Business Become More Energy Efficient

Becoming more energy efficient won’t just improve your bottom line by helping you save on energy. It could also boost your PR by spreading the word that your company embraces social responsibility.

Green Business Practices How To Help Your Business Become More Energy Efficient

How can you embrace green business practices by reducing energy consumption at your company facilities? The following are just five simple things you can do to drastically reduce your company’s carbon footprint:

Have your office staff work on laptops

It’s a little-known fact, but laptop computers use up a significantly lower amount of electricity to operate than desktop computers. They also make the use of space in your office more efficient by taking up much less room on the top of your desks.

Hook up power strips and switch them off at the end of the day

If you’re leaving your electronics plugged in all night after work, your office equipment and other work equipment will continue to consume energy even when you’re not getting any work done. Power strips solve this problem. If you hook up power strips and switch them off when your office or facility is closed, you won’t consume any energy during off hours.

Hire consultant and take advantage of their advice

One of the best ways to get your business to be as green as possible is to hire an outside consultant. Consultants specializing in energy efficiency can help companies achieve operational excellence through energy risk management. A consulting firm like Opportune that specializes in energy efficiency will know all of the tricks for reducing your energy consumption to the absolute minimum.

Sign on to a HVAC maintenance contract

Your heating and cooling system is probably a significant energy consumer in your workplace. If you sign on to a maintenance contract, you will both reduce HVAC service costs and ensure that your HVAC equipment is always up to date.

Keep the temperature comfortable with shades and fans

You don’t need to have your air conditioner constantly running to keep things comfortable in the warmer months. Simply blocking the sun from coming in at your windows and hooking up some fans can keep things comfortable without consuming a lot of electricity.

Don’t forget to spread the word around about your company’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Tell your clients that your making efforts to go green and you just might notice that the public is increasingly more willing to do business with you.

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