Heating Oil – A Popular Choice Among Home Owners

Despite the option of alternative heating methods, oil heat continues to be a very popular choice among many home owners.  Wondering which particular heating system is right for you, or not too sure about switching to heating oil, here are four benefits to consider:-

  1. Efficiency – modern heating oil systems are between 83% and 95% efficient.  This means that most of your money spent on oil turns into heat. Oil also burns much hotter than natural gas, as much as 300° hotter.  You get much more warmth when using heating oil in your home in comparison to other options.
  2. Versatile – oil heating systems can be set up by heating specialists in a variety of ways to suit your home.  You can choose forced air systems, boilers or radiators.  There are also additional options like humidifiers to prevent the air from becoming dry.  What’s more, as heating oil is very safe to store, a tank can be placed almost anywhere on your property.
  3. Safe – oil eliminates the potential risk of a carbon monoxide leak.  It doesn’t produce any harmful fumes and only combusts from inside the furnace.  If there are any problems with your heating system, you’ll been warned in advance of any danger by the presence of a smell, visible soot or noises.
  4. Reliability – recommended heating oil suppliers can provide you with regular, reliable deliveries.  Expect to benefit from competitive prices for top quality heating oil products.  You get all the oil you need while saving money into the bargain.

Heating Oil - A Popular Choice Among Home Owners

Heating oil prices fluctuate daily.  This means when the price drops, the cost of buying heating oil is cheaper.  Click here if you’re looking for cheap home heating oil.

Which home heating oil is suitable for you?

When placing an order for home heating oil it helps to know which product is more suitable.  There are three domestic heating oil products available on the market:-

  • Kerosene – kerosene is the most popular home heating oil, ideal for modern home heating systems.  More generally known as home heating oil or domestic oil, it’s suitable for use in heating systems with indoor or outdoor boilers.
  • Gas oil – some boilers run on gas oil also known as marked gas oil or MGO.  It’s green in colour and typically used in older domestic heating systems.  It is only suitable for use in heating systems that have an outdoor boiler.
  • Premium kerosene – high performance premium kerosene is designed to improve system efficiency.  It can also prevent sludge formation and build-up, lower carbon and deposit build-up which means less servicing problems.  Premium kerosene also keeps fuel fresher for longer.

With premium kerosene, there are two supply applications available from professional suppliers namely Home Heat Plus and Kero Cooker Plus.  If you’re still not sure which particular heating oil to buy, check out your tank. It might have a sticker showing the exact product you need.

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