Helpful Tips On How You Can Spruce Up Your New Condo

Even if you find a fully furnished new condo, you will still find a few reasons to customize its design. With a few tweaks and a couple of simple upgrades, you can drastically improve the vibe and look of any room for it to match your personality. Just use your creativity, take advantage of cheap alternatives, and spend some time researching for designs in the internet, and you are all set to personalizing the feel of your new condo. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a fortune as this article has the best strategies to help you get started with your project.

Helpful Tips On How You Can Spruce Up Your New Condo

Refresh the walls with vibrant paint colors – if this is your first time to do a DIY makeover, try not to start your repainting job in the living room. Start with your own bedroom where you can let loose and be creative. Get a fresh coat of paint and brighten up a room by painting it with vibrant colors. Choose a paint that protect will protect walls against hairline cracks and give your house an incredible hue. You can event paint your walls or floors with vines, borders, or faux rugs.

Declutter – your home should be a place where you can relax and unwind. But sometimes the clutter we see in the bedroom or in the study area makes it hard for us to do so. Stop postponing your spring cleaning schedule and start decluttering your cabinets, cupboards, and drawers.  If your new home has a storage area, use it to store away all unnecessary stuff. You will be surprised at how much lighter and brighter your home will look once you no longer see used clothes on the floor or unorganized books on your shelves.

Upgrade your kitchen – the moment your cabinets, kitchen appliances, drawers, or even drawer handles start to get a little old, updating them is a cheap way of breathing new life in your kitchen. In case you need help with the job, ask some of your most creative friends or relatives to come over and assist you with your project.

Add new lighting – this is a great way to literally brighten up any part of your home. Even as simple as changing your old lamp can instantly make you feel as if you’re in a brand-new bedroom. It is also ideal for highlighting particular features or decorations in your home. Having brighter light in your study will set a vibrant mood and even stimulate alertness. You can also install lower light levels in your bedroom as it can transition your mood toward the calmness of a restful slumber.

Rearrange furniture – if your furniture is positioned in the same places for as long as you can remember, it can normalize your day-to-day activities to a point where you no longer think when reaching for a book or a magazine. Rearranging furniture is probably the cheapest and easiest to give your home a new look. Moving your sofa or your wall decors, can bring a positive impact in the living are you’ve gotten used to.

Add area rugs – because of the year-round humid weather in Singapore, it is not really advisable to install carpet in the entire home. So if you want your floor to look more comfortable, you can add area rugs to your living area or in your bedroom. It will surely make certain areas of your home cozier and welcoming.

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