Helpful Tips On Project Management For Control System Integrators

Project management plays a vital role for every horizontal or vertical industry. If you are in to automation, it becomes even critical that your sources are available at the right time and there is no break-link in between each process. The project management differs in different areas hence it becomes more essential that each activity is planned for successful implementation.

Helpful Tips On Project Management For Control System Integrators

The following are few important and often overlooked tips of project management that will enable your project implementation to be successful.

  • Project Handling:

The project requirement varies in different areas even with the same control systems integrators.You have to decide before the project commencement whether you are going to handle the project internally or should you require any outside help.

  • Project Specifications:

The major failures seen in project implementation is non-complying the pre-project planning. Even a negligible step missed initially can lead to complete failure of the project management escalating the issues. You can avoid this by creating outline of project parameters that includes:

  1. Company background
  2. Project objectives and scope.
  3. Tentative time and materials required.
  4. External agencies / participants with in-house personnel.
  5. Budgets, reporting and deadlines.
  • Bringing in the system integrators:

The expected results can be achieved when the stake holders and project team have proper co-ordination. The involvement of the system integrators and the project planning team should be at an early stage to ensure that all have clear mindsets with clear objectives and goals. Each group in project management team should know their roles and responsibilities to make the project a success.

  • Project methodologies:

The success of the project depends on the methodologies implemented and the mitigation of the risk.  You have to ensure that all the persons involved in the project finishes their task and know the importance of link system. You have to think of how to accomplish the task along with what task are required. Your methods and your approach towards your colleagues and co-workers will be critical for success of the project.

  • Creating milestones:

When you are system integrators, it is important that you have kept milestones after every major activity. The sign-off should be completed after completion of major work / milestone instead of final sign off at the end of the project. By creating milestones and getting sign off will keep the stake holders engaged in the project and make them aware of the project stage.

  • Process redesign:

If needed, you can either think of redesign the process at later stage or have the flexibility in your planning to adapt the necessary changes. You can also think of automation of the process by using job management tools.

  • Technology selection:

The technology selection is influenced by the project management hence make sure that you have right tools. You can opt for cloud computing software that can provide tools such as quoting, job costing, documents and client management etc.

  • Expect the unexpected:

In reality, the projects don’t work as mentioned on the paper. You will expect the outcome that might not have expected. It is necessary that you plan out the contingency strategies and risk factors involved at various stages of the project.

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