How To Protect Your Company Servers from Potential Hackers

Digital thieves prowl the globe looking for information and money to steal, challenging businesses in every sector. As companies respond to evolving threats, hackers seem intent on keeping pace, expanding their reach as more commerce moves online. The following tips will help you learn how to protect your company servers from potential hackers.

How To Protect Your Company Servers from Potential Hackers

Perform a Security Audit

Before buying any new security products, completely audit your business network. Record all wired and wireless devices that have access to your network. Your audit should also include all authorized users and devices that could potentially access your network as well as the network routers, switches, firewalls in use by your company. If your company does not have a qualified IT professional on staff to perform the audit, consider hiring a professional firm to lead the effort.

Retain Professional Services

After your audit, you should have enough information to eliminate unnecessary hardware, software, devices, and users from your network. Afterward, you should retain a professional service to monitor your network and detect threats in real time. Companies like Stealthbits technology offer a full range of IT services that include every important element of a network security program:

• Threat Detection
• Change Detection and Prevention
• Real Time Alerting
• Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Integration
• Outage Mitigation.

Train Your Team

Hackers have defeated some of the most advanced network security systems by exploiting weaknesses introduced by system users, so you must implement a training program that teaches employees how to properly and safely use your company’s IT resources. Simple measures such as requiring strong user passwords, implementing two-stage or biometric authentication can add considerable security to your business network.

Use Encryption

Powerful encryption algorithms exist as well as hardware and software tools that automate the process of encrypting and decrypting your data. Encryption can protect business data online as well as offline, especially in the event of lost or stolen laptops or portable storage drives.

Backup Your Data

You do well to take massive action to protect your business’ data network, but if you have no way to restore data, your company still could suffer irreparable harm. Some data losses commonly occur during the course of business:

• Hardware failure
• Data Corruption
• Virus Infections
• Physical Theft
• Lost Laptops / Storage Devices

A robust backup solution will help your business survive catastrophic data loss. Thanks to cloud technology, your company can maintain real-time data backups stored offsite, making backing up and restoring data faster and safer than ever.

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