How To Stop Common Workplace Dangers Ruining Your Business

Dangers are everywhere in the office place, and as an employer it is down to you to make sure your staff are safe. The consequences can be costly. Not only could you face compensation claims that could ruin your business, but you could also develop a reputation as a company that cares little for its staff. And that will make it very difficult for you to attract the right talent.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common areas in offices that need looking at. Make sure to check everything off your list if you want to avoid accidents, illnesses and potential disasters.

How To Stop Common Workplace Dangers Ruining Your Business

Fire Safety

If you are in a managed building, then the overall fire safety should be taken care of by the management company. However, you are still responsible for training your team to follow procedures in the event that something catches alight. Therefore, you should be making your own checks on equipment. There are a surprising number of office fires, and, unfortunately, they can lead to serious injury.  In extreme cases, they could even cause death. Electrical cords are one of the biggest nuisances. You would do very well to drum in the importance of keeping work areas tidy and restrict the use of extension leads. Furthermore, make sure that you are keeping fire doors closed, even if you are working under the sweltering heat. Finally, make sure you have fire extinguishers up to date and close at hand.

Floor Hazards

Offices slips trips are a common cause of injury all over the world. To reduce the risk of your employees taking a tumble, you should invest well in storage facilities. Also, have procedures in place for tidying away at the end of the day. All walkways should be completely clear of obstacles, and any time that somebody spills something, a wet floor sign should be used. It’s easy to laugh, but you certainly won’t be when Charlie from accounts slips on a spill and sues you after putting his back out.

Office Health

Did you realise that one of the biggest causes of ill health in office spaces is the air conditioning? They harbour many germs, bacteria, mold and, on occasion, much worse. People with existing breathing conditions are most susceptible. If you own your own office space, it will be your responsibility to install commercial air conditioning and keep it regularly maintained. If you don’t, then you can expect people to be off ill, possibly for long periods of time. That could mean paying them sick leave and paying for temporary cover and training. All of that can be avoided with a little investment in the right places.


Health and safety matters might be low down on your priority list for your startup, but they shouldn’t be. Although it takes effort and investment to look after your staff, it will take even more effort and compensation to look after them when they fall ill or have an accident. The workplace should be a safe environment for your staff. When you provide one, they will be able to concentrate more on being productive for you.

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