How To Throw A Fabulous Holiday Business Party

The holidays are often considered the most wonderful time of the year. Lots of people use this season to enjoy family, friends, good food and lots of love. Because this season involves so much celebration, it is only right for the co-workers, bosses and clients to come together and enjoy a holiday business party as well. In order to enjoy a holiday party, someone must plan it first. Use these tips and throw a fabulous holiday business party.

How To Throw A Fabulous Holiday Business Party

Pick an Appropriately Fun Theme

During the holidays, popular party themes include White Christmas and Ugly Sweaters. If the party is more on the sophisticated side, the ugly sweater idea may not work. However, choose a theme that reflects the culture of the work environment. Formal or cocktail attire is appropriate for a holiday gala. Be sure to make note of the theme and attire inside of the invitations.

Create a Fanciful Atmosphere

Once the theme is set, purchase decorations that reflect the theme. A White Christmas theme will definitely involve lots of white Christmas trees, lights and accents in colors like gold or silver. Pick a venue to appropriately house the amount of people expected and display the theme perfectly. Event locations such as Noah’s Event Venue can help you display a beautiful ambience and encourage mingling and partying among guests.

Purchase More Than Enough

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a party and running out of certain menu items. When in doubt, purchase more than enough. Anticipate guests bringing a plus one, and ask for RSVPs. Finger foods are usually very easy to source. When sourcing alcohol, it is recommended to estimate a half a bottle per person. This is a great way to make sure everyone has enough of what they want.

Book Great Entertainment

Even though seeing coworkers loosened up might be entertaining enough for some people, it is always fun to have interactive and entertaining elements to a great holiday party. Hire a lively jazz band to play holiday favorites. To stay with the White Christmas theme, consider renting a giant white chocolate fountain where people can make and enjoy white chocolate-covered marshmallows, strawberries, pineapples and more. Think outside of the box for great entertainment.

Throwing a holiday business party is a lot easier than it sounds. Oftentimes, many people are happy if there are a lot of activities involved. Activities tends to put people in a completely different mood. So after completing the party planning, “eat, drink and be merry!”

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