How Your Restaurant Can Benefit From Extraction Services

When it comes to commercial kitchens, if regular cleaning is not done by professionals, oily deposits, fats, and fibrous particles can build up in the extractor systems which in turn reduces the air flow efficiency and produces a warm and greasy environment for mould and bacteria to breed. If such areas are not maintained, they can very quickly become a fire risk, causing fire to spread rapidly in your restaurant. Under some circumstances, flames and high temperatures can lead to grease igniting and fire spreading through the ducts, which is why it is important for a commercial kitchen to have its extractor system cleaned on a regular basis.

How Your Restaurant Can Benefit From Extraction Services

What’s more, failure to have your system cleaned regularly can result in your insurance cover falling away. There have been numerous cases reported where insurers have refused to reimburse hefty sums of claims for fires when the insured has failed to comply with warranties and regular cleaning of their extractors.

A professional offering commercial kitchen extraction services in London will ensure your kitchen remains clean, healthy, and free of potential fire hazards.

Here’s What They Do

One of the primary defences against fire hazards in your restaurant system is the consistent maintenance of your hood exhaust and extractor system. Professional cleaning methods will ensure that flammable residues and grease are removed from the hood’s interior surfaces, the ductwork, filters, and exhaust fans, making sure you remain in compliance with the various codes and insurance requirements for your business.

The Benefits of Professional Extraction Services

The benefits of such services include:

  • A decreased risk of fire
  • Improved health and safety standards
  • A cleaner working environment with minimal product contamination
  • Better energy savings
  • Compliance with various health and fire codes
  • Better ventilation for odour and smoke removal
  • Better inspection ratings from authorities and insurance

Kitchen Extraction Services

Professional extraction technicians are able to clean every single component of your extractor as well as the ductwork in your commercial kitchen for correct maintenance and to prevent fires from breaking out. By keeping your system clean and having it checked regularly, you will be able to pick up blockages or potential issues before something serious occurs. During a cleaning, the following is done:

  • All fan blades are washed, including the drip pans and interior and exterior of the fan housing
  • Filters are removed, and plenum walls are scraped and washed
  • Fire suppression equipment and filter frames are thoroughly washed
  • Filters are replaced to their original position
  • Interior surfaces of all accessible vertical and horizontal surfaces of the ductwork are scraped and brushed
  • Dampers and louvers are cleaned
  • Exhaust filters are cleaned
  • Underside of hoods are scraped and washed along with conduit, fire heads, and piping
  • The interior of water-wash filtering systems is cleaned

Whether your commercial kitchen is in a hotel, a restaurant, or any other kind of catering facility, you can benefit from extraction services to prevent fires and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

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