How You And Your Small Business Can Get Organised Today

Organisation is the key to productivity. And productivity is what will take your startup to the next level. As a small business, it’s really important that you take advantage of every minute of the day. When money is tight, your business needs to be at its most efficient. That all starts with good organisation. From a tidy desk, right through to an organised company structure, it all matters. Here’s how to get organised in your business today.

How You And Your Small Business Can Get Organised Today

Tidy up and Clear the Office

There’s nothing like a tidy work space to clear the mind. It helps you think with more clarity. It eliminates any distraction and makes everything that little bit easier. Remove any unnecessary items from your desk. Extend this to the whole office and make sure it stays clean and tidy. Use organizational tools like folders and storage compartments. If you run a workshop or lab, make sure you use industrial cabinets to store equipment and tools. Everything in your work area should have a home.

Use the Cloud

Technology is a really powerful tool when it comes to strengthening your organisation skills. ‘The cloud’ is fantastic here. Make sure all employees have access to a shared calendar online. This will let them see all the upcoming deadlines, launches or events that need working towards. Keep everyone on the same page. You can also access shared documents online so employees can edit and amend projects communally. This speeds up productivity and reduces the need for paper copies all over the office!

Set Goals and Make Lists

Every good business needs direction and clarity when moving forward. Goals are the best way to do this. They provide the destination that your company should work towards. This gives organisation and structure to your business. It will help your employees work more productively. Start with a grand mission statement. This will set out your grand dream and mission as a company. Then break it down into yearly or quarterly goals. Finally, make to-do lists and daily objectives that will help you reach them.

Take Control of Your Inbox

Most people are governed by their email inbox. It’s time to break free from its clutches and get organised! One trick that many productive people swear by is setting aside email time. Don’t check your email as soon as it pings – you’ll never get anything else done! Set aside half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon where you can get stuck in. Focus the rest of your time on the job in hand.

Hire an Accountant

As a small business owner, money is always at the forefront of your mind. It looms over you and constantly distracts you. You can’t run an effective business if you’re constantly looking over the numbers. Hire an accountant to worry about that for you! They’ll get your books in order, look after and organise the tax and wages. It will take a worry off your mind and help your business stay organised.

Good organisation in the workplace will help take your small business to the next level. What can you do to improve yours?