Make a Difference in Your Life and Others

When you are considering a start-up business, does the term non-profit ever enter into the equation? Of course, starting your own business is usually a very personal way to earn a living while doing what you love and on your own terms. But what if you could do what your heart wants and still make a difference in the world around you? Not for profit does not mean that you don’t make money. There is a set salary that the owner and the staff are allowed to make, for “the laborer is worthy of his wages.” The difference is that once you set the boundaries for expenses, everything else that is over and above is put back into the business to keep it running and continue its good work. Consider your passion, look for a need, and research the requirements to fulfill both.

Look At Your Heart

Besides making a living on your terms, look a little deeper and find out what inspires you. Everyone has a special soft spot for others who face barriers. There are so many needs that envelop a community that the opportunities are endless. Look into issues like

  • Homelessness
  • Illnesses
  • Mental or Physical barriers
  • Recovery & Rehabilitation
  • Returning Citizens Following Incarceration
  • Improving the Environment

Once you know what stirs you, find a way to create a business that gives back to the community that surrounds it. Following your dreams becomes much richer when you are also serving the needs of others. The challenge is to find a way to use your God-given talents and skills in a capacity that somehow also helps others.

Consider Your Options

Now take what you can do and what you want to do and combine them into a business that makes a difference. Non-profits come in all shapes and sizes and none of them looks exactly alike. Anything from retail to the food industry to counseling can be great ways to use your skills in the non-profit world. As you continue to grow and serve your community your business expands and with that so does the number of people you help. Additionally, the more lives you touch, the more others want to come on board to help you and become a part of the wonderful thing you are doing. It evolves into a perpetual movement of people helping people while they all meet their own needs.

Do The Work

Of course, great things don’t always come easily. Becoming a non-profit takes a lot of planning and paperwork. There are laws established by the Federal legislature that dictate what’s required to even be considered as such. You are granted your non-profit status by the Federal government and then you are required to ensure that you follow the specific guidelines carefully. This also includes laws governing sales tax. Places like Washington state and Idaho charge sales tax and you have to be established with and report to the State Tax Commission monthly once you begin taking in money for your business.

Additionally, the need for startup funding is a given and finding people to invest in your project takes research and strong presentations to show the impact your business can have on your community or the groups you are longing to help. Get involved with the local governing agencies and other small business owners and let them know your plans and hopes for how your business will positively affect the area. These are your biggest supporters and best resources when given the chance.

So go ahead, find what moves you and earn a dependable living at the same time. Don’t just worry about the bottom line; feed a stronger desire by doing what’s best for everyone around you including yourself.

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