Marketing Genius: 4 Ways To Turn Leads Into Sales

Marketing is an evolving industry because of technological changes and new consumer buying habits. Below introduces four ways to turn potential leads into sales.

Marketing Genius: 4 Ways To Turn Leads Into Sales

Targeted Emails

Consumers generally dislike receiving unsolicited emails from unfamiliar companies. These emails are either totally irrelevant to the recipients or unrelated to what the consumers specifically need. As a result, mass marketing emails annoy potential customers and reduce the likelihood they will become a future lead. However, emails that are directly related to recently viewed content, downloaded items or search query keywords are much more likely to be opened. Emails that are specifically targeted to the consumers’ needs and interests are much more likely to deliver the right message at the right time.


Most major e-commerce websites deliver a different user experience based on the individual visitors’ interests and browsing history. A personalized website experience is a great way to build trust and promote exploration of the website. For example, major websites like Amazon always display similar items and YouTube displays recommended videos based on viewing history. Using smart content is not only useful to create personalized websites, but also supplies valuable information to insert into personalized emails. This information can be inserted into everything from the subject line to the body content.

Integrate Sales and Marketing

Sometimes, sales and marketing teams may seem at odds with each other as they both tend to focus on internal goals and processes. However, companies with sales and marketing departments that share common objectives tend to experience increased revenue growth. As sales and marketing unit alignment and collaboration increases, so will lead management efficiency and online conversion rates. This is because information sharing will naturally lead to collective problem solving and team building. A simple way to increase interdepartmental coordination is through scheduling weekly meetings between sales and marketing team leaders and also between units.

Planning and Preparation

Sales and marketing teams sometimes get caught up in daily processes and lose focus on the overall mission objectives of the company. On the other hand, sometimes team leaders and management also struggle to maintain workflows and monitor leads. All marketing activities and processes should be reviewed and strategically streamlined. Therefore, many companies like Ariad Partners LLC prefer to use marketing consultants to review, improve and monitor their internal systems. This may be a review of the company’s social media strategy or marketing analytics. In the long run, this will increase savings and conversions.

In the end, target emails and personalized content are great tools to build relationships with potential leads.

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