Message Received: How Instant Messaging Assists Your Business

As industries become more competitive and customers demand better service, companies are adapting by improving their internal processes and communication procedures. Below explains why and how instant messaging can increase your business success.

Message Received How Instant Messaging Assists Your Business

Cost Savings

Instant messaging encourages real-time communication without having to pay for domestic or international phone charges. This is critically important to companies with offices in different states or countries. Some phone companies have responded by offering unlimited local and long distance calls for businesses. However, international calls are still quite expensive. As a result, communicating with overseas clients and coworkers becomes a financial burden. However, instant messaging eliminates these fees while offering additional benefits. In the end, many companies are converting to VoIP or software solutions to reduce costs. Additionally, companies can easily host virtual conference calls and group meetings through instant messaging software, which drastically save time and money.


Trying to get a hold of a coworker can be difficult, especially if the person works in a different building or location. Even when the person is at their desk multitasking, answering a phone is sometimes impossible. However, instant messages are a non-invasive way to communicate with others. They allow the recipient to freely respond at their own convenience. For example, a worker can easily send messages to coworkers in the morning to follow-up on non-urgent matters. Consequently, coworkers can continue working and choose when to respond to messages. Thus, instant messages do not interrupt work flow, but allow for quick real-time conversations if needed. Depending on the personality, employees will quickly learn who prefers face-to-face communication and who simply likes a quick IM.

Company-Wide Communication

Instant messaging encourages better internal communication. For instance, archived chat logs provide excellent history and reference points. These are very important when there are internal conflicts or debated mistakes that need to be addressed and resolved. However, instant messaging also empowers employees to communicate. Instant messaging encourages employees to exchange innovative ideas and helpful information. It can also encourage employees to ask difficult or awkward face-to-face questions. Instant messaging can break down unspoken barriers between departments and different team levels. Thus, instant messaging will improve horizontal communication between peers and vertical communication between employees and management. In the end, business instant messaging will empower employees to express themselves without social restrictions.

To review, instant messing strengthens connections and communication efficiency between coworkers and management. Instant messaging also breaks down communication barriers while saving time and money. Management will enjoy better accountability, communication transparency, and diverse idea contributions.

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