Outstanding Architect and Design Positions In Malaysia and The Region

Many young architects and recent graduates are struggling with a few questions about their future, including whether they should look for positions in large firms or small firms. They may also be considering location, as in “Where is the best place to find work as an architect?” The answer to these and other questions will vary from one individual to another, of course.

Outstanding Architect and Design Positions In Malaysia and The Region

Some veterans of the field have worked in large and small firms and for companies of every size in between. Even with this experience, these professionals find it hard to advise a young person because they don’t know exactly what other architects are looking for or what they expect from their careers. There are benefits to working with a large company. The resources and opportunities are almost limitless with some of the biggest firms.

Training, Extras

Two things that you will get from a larger firm that may not be available with smaller companies are in-house training and extras such as a library, study materials, etc. It’s simply more difficult for smaller firms to provide this type of benefit, usually because of limited funds. A young architect or a recent graduate might benefit most from working with a big company to start out. The opportunities for growth and education are excellent. You may even experience less stress with a larger firm because there are more skilled people to assist you.

Small firms are a great choice if you want to do a little of everything including design, client meetings, construction drawings, and on-site observation. You will also find you have more “ownership” of the work produced because you’ll do it on your own or with one other person, in most cases. If you like the individual challenge and want to be in the spotlight, this could be the choice for you.

Where to Look

As you look for an architect job in Malaysia for application, keep in mind that you don’t have to choose either a big firm or a small firm. You may be able to find a company of a size somewhere in between. Perhaps you want to start with a large firm, gain experience, and move to a smaller firm or start your own office. It’s also important to look for a position that will allow you to use your specific skills. You certainly want to be able to do the things you’re best at, if at all possible.

Thanks to technology, you can search for great opportunities online. The leading directory sites often list hundreds of architect and interior design positions including outstanding openings in Malaysia and other locations in this region. Consider this: You could visit one website and find the information you need to apply for a job as a lead architect, assistant project manager for interior design and build, landscape architect, or even a position for a mechanical design engineer.

Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find positions for junior architects or for interior design assistants. All of these opportunities have been posted in the last month or less.

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