Plan Your Future: Jobs In Calgary

The city of Calgary is located at the meeting point of Bow and Elbow Rivers. Just a 50 miles drive from Toronto, Calgary boasts the second most corporate city in Canada, of course after Toronto, the country’s capital. Economically, the city draws immensely from the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. This has redefined trade and lifestyle in the city, to say the least.

The economy of this city is fueled by oil and gas. The oil industry is responsible for thousands of jobs and businesses in the city. Though the economy has greatly diversified thereby allowing other sector to flourish, the oil industry still defines a bigger portion of the city.

Plan Your Future: Jobs In Calgary

Some of sectors that have the best paying jobs include:

  • The oil and gas industry
  • The hotel and tourism industry
  • Agriculture
  • Information technology

The oil and gas industry

Calgary is Canada’s center of oil and gas. The city’s economy has depended on oil and gas for the longest time. Most of the well-paying jobs in the city are to be found in the same industry. Some of these include:

  • Chemical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Mining engineers

All these professions emphasize more on skills, experience and general expertise. To be frank, these professions aren’t for the faint-hearted. They are very labor intensive and require one to have at least a bachelor’s degree in the same field, not to mention 5 years of experience, to say the least.

The hotel and tourism industry

This is so far one of the most promising sectors in terms of economic growth potential. According to recent survey reports by Statistics Canada Alberta, the industry accounts for the largest proportion of new jobs in the economy of Calgary.

There are many natural and artificial tourist attractions in this city. From the strategic geographical location to the numerous skyscrapers, this is Canada’s perfect tourist destination. According to the Royal Bank of Canada, Calgary city receives an estimated 3 million tourists annually. This in part explains the rapid growth in the tourism industry. To keep-up pace with the tourist influx, investors are pumping billions of dollars into the hotel and accommodation facilities. This is in turn creating numerous job opportunities.


The agriculture sector is a major beneficiary of the great crunch that hit the oil industry in the 1980’s. Courtesy of economic diversification, the sector has witnessed rapid growth in the recent years. With these changes, numerous job opportunities have emerged in the industry. Today, the industry accounts for a substantial portion of jobs in Calgary.

Information technology

Trends in technology have shifted the nature of operations in most industries in Calgary. Information technology is the backbone of modern technology. Virtually all sectors of Calgary’s economy have adopted and complied with the latest trends in information technology. This is to say that jobs in IT are plentiful in the city.

Jobs in Calgary cut across all sectors of the city’s economy. All industries in the city are in need of highly skilled personnel.

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