Protecting Your Business Against Copyright Infringements

Businesses can face infringements of the technology they use to develop their products, the business plan they use to operate, or in the clients they have. The things you can file a copyright for include:

Statement of Requirements Form Customers

Customer requirements are all the things that a customer or client sends to you for the order. It can include a client’s product specifications, product requirements and other details including customer name and the need analysis you might have performed.

Supply and Sales Techniques

You can also trademark the distribution and sales strategies you use for your business. This includes the methods you use to distribute your products and services and the different types of sales and distributional partners you have.

Protecting Your Business Against Copyright Infringements

Feasibility Manuals

Feasibility studies are an extremely important part of the business process. You can think of feasibility studies as the skeleton of your business model. It basically decides the things you should include in your business model to make it profitable. It also functions as a viability check for your business model, in that, it checks for market demand, profitability and other vital aspects of the business model. All this is costly and protecting your feasibility studies should be a vital aspect of your business model.

Marketing Ideas

You should also take note of the fact that the marketing you use can be one of the greatest drivers of revenue. The specific methods you use for marketing can be an essential tool for your business. Thus, marketing techniques you use are copyright material and you should sought to register them for your business.

Business and Marketing Plans

Just like your unique marketing concepts, business and marketing plans are also copyright material. This may contain confidential information about your business model or may have different consumer profiles that can be used by competitors. These consumer profiles are an essential tool for your marketing and must be used efficiently. Thus, protecting them form copyrights is one of the most strategically advantageous step you can take towards securing your market share against your competitors.

Overhead Costs and Operating Measures

At first your overhead cost records and other operating procedures may seem a relatively trivial thing to protect from the public, but they can function as a vital part of your business strategy and can help competitors copy your business model. They can also play a role towards revealing your operating procedures.  Thus, it is very important to protect your financial statements form the wrong hands.


While research is a thing that most companies protect with strict procedures. In today’s technologically advanced world, it is just not enough to protect research data, but to fully secure your research efforts, you have to file patents and, establish trademarks even before the research is complete.

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