Reuben Singh: The Power Of Vision & Determination

The list of contemporary businessmen in England deemed important enough to have a portrait in the National Gallery is a relatively short one, but Reuben Singh is one of them. What makes this man so special?

One of the real problems with achieving great success is that it is almost impossible to do so without making a few enemies along the way. There will always be some people in the world who, instead of being motivated by the success of another, are moved to envy.

Driven by their negativity, they seek not to rise to the same heights but to pull the other person down. The most likely explanation for this is that they refuse to believe that they could be successful themselves, if only they tried.

Reuben Singh has achieved great success and therefore, not surprisingly, he has also attracted critics. Some have even gone so far as to try and completely undermine his achievements. The hallmark of a great achiever is how they hold up under criticism and how they respond to it.

Reuben Singh: The Power Of Vision & Determination

Singh has responded to his critics by defying them. Rather than being brought down, he has climbed even higher.

Born into wealth, he shunned the help he could have easily called upon from his family, determined to make his own success on his own terms.  If that sounds impressive, then consider also that he did this at the age of 17.

Like most teenage boys, Singh devoted some of his attention to girls. Where he differed from most, however, is that he paid attention to what they were buying. This led to the creation of his first business venture, Miss Attitude, a retail business that quickly reached chain level.

Four years later, he sold the business for a massive sum, and then dabbled in a few hits and misses before launching his current runaway success stories, AlldayPA and Isher Capital.

These businesses are dedicated to helping fellow entrepreneurs increase their chances of success.  AlldayPA, for example, provides services that allow entrepreneurs to maintain positive customer relationships 24 hours a day, something that’s vitally necessary in the current global marketplace and something that would not have been necessary at all only a few years ago.

Isher Capital fills a more traditional need, providing venture capital to those needing to fund their own big dreams.

The success of these businesses can mainly be attributed to three traits:

  • Vision. Singh was able to accurately determine a need in the market for his services and took the correct actions to fill those needs.
  • Clarity. Each business is dedicated 100% to filling the role for which it was created. They don’t try to juggle multiple activities; they identify with a specific task and focus on perfecting it.
  • Good Management. Reuben Singh is a Sikh, and one of the features of Sikhism is that it promotes equality, fairness, and non-discrimination. He has successfully incorporated these principles into his management system, which has resulted in better staff retention and high morale.

Any entrepreneur can succeed through honest effort and the proper application of proven methods of success. Reuben Singh appears to have hit upon a winning formula, so if you hope to achieve similar success, a good start would be to emulate his approach diligently.

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