Revamping Your Leadership Techniques: 5 Helpful Tips

One of the best qualities of good leaders is that they are always open to trying something new or improving their skills. Without continually improvement, good leaders recognize that they will be unable to move up the leadership hierarchy. Below explains five helpful tips for you to revamp your leadership effectiveness.

Revamping Your Leadership Techniques: 5 Helpful Tips

Presentation Skills

According to Business Insider magazine, every leader should have effective presentation skills. Researchers have found that start-up leaders who can elicit feelings of awe from their audience, promote generosity and team-oriented behavior. While not all leaders are entry-level entrepreneurs, every leader must continually communicate and elicit buy-in from employees, managers and stakeholders.

Develop Strengths

Forbes magazine recommends that leaders not only identify weaknesses, but develop their strengths. However, strengths can’t just be improved through goals and hard work. Strengths are often talents or core competencies that come naturally to leaders. You should assess what you feel passionate about and work to develop different strengths at the same time. For example, communication skills and risk management techniques can be developed together at the same time.

Strategic Vision

Everyone talks about CEOs having a strategic vision, but they are often vague on how to develop this skill. If possible, work with an experienced mentor to learn how to analyze and forecast trends and risks. Keep in mind that strategic vision is based on experiential knowledge. Even if you can’t find a mentor, there are plenty of best-selling books by past and current CEOs about their secrets to business success.


One of the best ways to broaden your horizons and expand your network is to volunteer within your company. Volunteering for assignments with unfamiliar tasks or departments is an excellent way to test yourself and increase your core competencies. For example, if finances are your weakness, volunteer to help out the accountants with a difficult audit. While you will not become a financial wizard overnight, you will be exposed to a different aspect of your business and gain hands-on experience. You will also establish rapport with co-workers and increase your business acumen.

Formal Education

Certain skills and knowledge can only be obtained through a higher learning institution. In fact, getting a degree in public administration is an excellent choice for anyone who deals with the public that wants to improve their leadership skills . Students will learn the practical techniques, applied theories and core competencies that will help them excel as leaders. For example, a Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) program will typically provide specializations, such as finances, non-profit management and health care administration. Many universities will offer programs for a master’s in public administration online so that you can earn your education on your own schedule.

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