Safe Workplace: How To Keep Your Company OSHA Compliant

Every company dreads unexpected OSHA inspections because they may result in fines or mandatory, expensive improvements. However, companies can increase employee safety and maintain OSHA compliance by following the four tips below.

Safe Workplace: How To Keep Your Company OSHA Compliant

Safety Program

Safety programs are the best way to keep your company compliant with OSHA regulations. Even better, companies should base their safety policies and processes on available OSHA templates. Fortunately, OSHA offers sample programs that cover the most important safety topics. These include fall protection, lock-out tag-out and hazard communication (HAZCOM). Companies that have serious safety issues or high accident rates should increase the safety standards in their policies.

The OSHA Outreach Training Program

OSHA offers an outreach program that provides training courses to employees, covering topics such as how to recognize, avoid and address safety and health hazards in workplaces. Employees can attend 10- or 30-hour classes administered by OSHA-certified trainers. The 10-hour class is for entry-level workers and the 30-hour class is for workers with safety responsibilities. The program also provides employees with information regarding their rights and how to file a complaint. This program is voluntary and is not required by any OSHA standards. Nevertheless, it demonstrates high levels of social and corporate responsibility.

Safety Supervisor

Any company that is serious about OSHA compliance must have a qualified safety supervisor. They are tasked with not only ensuring legal compliance with state and federal regulations, but also ensuring that work processes and conditions are safe. However, safety goes beyond preventing accidents. Safety supervisors must ensure that work processes do not create chronic illnesses for employees. For example, musculoskeletal diseases rates are very high among workers who perform physically intense jobs. Therefore, safety supervisors must understand ergonomics and occupational hygiene. Ideally, the safety supervisor will have a safety master’s degree.

Flawless Documentation

One of the best ways to impress OSHA inspectors is to maintain excellent records. This will minimize potential fines and violation citations. OSHA has basic recordkeeping requirements, such as documenting required OSHA training events. However, companies should increase the detail and scope of their safety program documentation. For example, a warehouse that employs hundreds of workers should offer additional training on safe lifting techniques and forklift operation procedures. In the unfortunate event of an accident, management can prove that they went above and beyond the law to ensure the safety of their employees.

To wrap up, companies should maintain compliance with OSHA regulations in order to keep their employees safe and productive. Safety supervisors need regular training or a degree in occupational health and safety.

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