Stalled Career: Top Degrees To Break Into Upper Management

There are few situations that are as disheartening as feeling as if your job is going nowhere. Even those who work hard for years on end might find themselves getting passed up for promotions by new employees simply because of their education. Anyone that would like to get on the fast track to upper management should consider these degrees that will help them stand out from the competition.

Stalled Career: Top Degrees To Break Into Upper Management


When asked what degree they possess, a high percentage of managers are going to say a master’s of business administration. An MBA requires graduate level work and is designed to give students the specific skills that they need to lead people. As an added bonus, these graduate degrees can often be earned online at your own convenience and finished in as little as two years, and you can find programs that focus on MBA technology. Many companies also offer incentives for their current employees to acquire these degrees as they are working.


Many people are surprised to find that MBA programs often have quite a few courses involving psychology. Getting a degree in psychology will help an employee understand what drives the people around them. These degrees explore how the human mind works and what can be done to motivate and persuade people. Both graduate and undergraduate programs continue to adopt curriculum to help students develop real-world skills instead of simply studying theory.


Marketing is another obvious choice for employees that feel as if they have hit a wall and can no longer advance in their company. Even businesses that do not rely on consumer interactions can benefit from having managers with a background in marketing. These degrees will provide students with a variety of skills, including the ability to accurately collect and analyze large sums of data.


Students who go on to study economics in graduate and doctorate programs will often learn the abstract theories of economics and how the world around them works. Students who only get their undergraduate degree will still learn countless marketable skills and attributes ranging from critical thinking to data analysis.

Anyone who is looking to get promoted into upper management must consider the type of company that they are in and the skills that the owner and other managers will be looking for. These four degrees are all excellent options and could give you the edge when it comes time to promote from within.

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