The Year 2016: Immigration Opportunities In Canada

Canada is one of the most developed countries of the world, suitable job opportunities and overall living environment attracts people from all over the globe to get settled in Canada. The Government of Canada welcomes immigrants from all over the world and offers permanent residency to many applicants based on their profiles.  An applicant has many programs through which he can go for Canadian nationality however in this article we will only focus on two programs which are QSWP program and parent sponsorship. Other programs such as Quebec investor program and Quebec investor program has also been discussed in this particular article. The details of these programs are as follows.

The Year 2016: Immigration Opportunities In Canada


Quebec is basically a province in the east of Canada and is dominated by French speaking people, last year a good number of applicants from different countries were accepted in this province. The new process or round of application related to Quebec will begin on the 18th of January 2016. This round of applications will be under QSWP which is an abbreviation for Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is very much similar to the federal equivalent however if it is analyzed properly one will come to the conclusion that it is pretty much lenient as far as criteria is concerned. The program facilitates the movement of a regular immigrant to Canada so that he or she can live or work there, however the immigrant person should settle in the Quebec province. The program is one of the most competitive program at the provincial level.

Applications worth 2800 were entertained via the online portal however the last 3600 applications were entertained via post in the year 2015. As far as the Quebec investor program is concerned, its last date is 29th January 2016, so an investor must apply before the deadline passes. The Quebec investor program is a good opportunity for applicants who are wealthy and who wish to live rest of their live in Quebec. Through this program the Canadian government is offering residence in exchange to a minimum amount of investment which contributes into the local economy of Canada.

Parent and Grand Parent Sponsorship:

People who are parents or grandparents of Canadian residence have the opportunity to get settled in Canada, under the program of PGP which mean parent and grandparent program the government has made Canadian residency possible for the parents and grandparents of Canadian nationals. The program will be in operation from 4th January 2016. Though the government has not given any fixed numbers as far as number of applications entertained is concerned so far.

Last year i:e 2015 the Canadian government entertained 5000 applications which were completed, the year before this application gap will reached in just three weeks. This particular system works on first come first basis hence sponsors must work or act fast.

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