Top 5 Applications To Turbocharge Your Small Business

The days of sitting behind a desk to run your business are long gone. With today’s business owner growing increasingly mobile and the business world becoming increasingly global, it is critical for business success to be out on the road, traveling to different locations in an effort to build the business properly.

This means that many business functions that used to be handled while sitting at your desk must now be managed on the go. It also means that time management is a critical part of any company. These five applications can help you gain more hours in the day by streamlining tasks as well as allow you to access critical company information no matter where you are in the world.

Top 5 Applications To Turbocharge Your Small Business


Available on Android an iOS systems, Basecamp provides a single dashboard view with links to any project. Your team can create and share files, tasks, milestone dates and even discuss all aspects of the project in one location. Because the conversations take place in the project workspace, the focus remains on that particular project. You can also create schedules and assign non-project activities as well. Daily data backups keep your information safe and the program can be accessed through the browser on your phone if your mobile device does not support the app.


After a networking event, the handful of business cards you receive can be both a blessing and a nightmare. Too often, the cards have no photos or details, so you are unsure exactly who gave you the card and why. Humin can help with that. It allows you to enter the contact number and other data including where you met the person, details on where they live or work as well as other identifiers that are then searchable. For example, you can enter that you met Joe Smith at Jane Doe’s Halloween party when he was dressed as Frankenstein. When you are trying to remember who it was you met dressed as Frankenstein who had an excellent business proposition, you can search for that in the app.

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is an online Human Resource Information System that places all your employee data into one location that is accessible quickly by both you and your employees, including through their mobile app. Data is provided to you using beautiful reports rather than clunky spreadsheets. The HRIS software allows employees to submit leave requests, and it also sends reminders of birthdays and anniversaries. Fields are customizable and it is possible to create user groups. Because it is online, it is accessible from any location, whether you are traveling for business or sitting at home on a weekend.


Invitbox is invoice processing software that eliminates data entry for invoices. Suppliers simply email their invoice to your personal address. The program pulls the data from the invoice and enters it into your inventory management software and your accounting software. The invoices are then filed in an online filing cabinet so that you can search and access them later from any location.


When you are out of the office, it is often necessary to get information to others. Rather than calling your assistant or another team member, Voxer is a push-to-talk message system that allows you to send a quick message without speaking to the other person. It eliminates idle chitchat and waiting for someone to pick up the phone. It is perfect for when you are running late for a meeting or need a report printed and on your desk as soon as you arrive in the office.

These programs provide a variety of services for busy entrepreneurs and executives who must have excellent time management skills in order to grow their business. They can help save time while also providing important company information at the touch of a button, which can be critical to landing a new client or providing detailed information on a business transaction, even when you are not in the office.

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