Top Best Cuisines Of India

We Indians believe to jump off on the food when we find something mouth watering and lucilicious. Thriving food scenes like tandoori chicken, chilli paneer and kebab that can make you more tempting in India. I have bundled up some restaurants which not only famous to serve Indian food but also awarded for Japanese food, Thai food, Chinese food and what not. To make your food experience more Delicious I have mentioned some cuisines that provide you exciting restaurant deals. Scroll down and see what I have lined up for you.

Top Best Cuisines Of India

Dum Pukht – dum pukht is prominent in Lucknow and Awadhi cuisine. This is also the name of one dish which is made by lots of spices, meet and herbs are seal with dough and slowly cooked on low flame. No body can control their carving to taste it avert the arrival. Its smell can leave with taste for many months. Dum pukht is recently received the name of finest restaurant in India.

Karim’s – they have been serving impeccable cuisines since Mughal time 1913. They gave opened up brand in many location. The taste of kebab will insist you to lick your fingers. They will not disappoint you as they have unlimited to serve you. Their renowned local dishes are muttton burra kebab and tandoori chicken. The restaurant is simple but has authentic experience in serving dishes. You can get restaurant deals and coupons to minimize your bill and enjoy the food excessively. Use Foodpanda coupons and get the best deals on meal and minimize your bills and save money.

Indian accent – it is leading restaurant in Delhi which is innovative and unusual in taste and experience. Their chefs fuse local food with international cuisine and present them in unexpected way. Likewise, stuffing north Indian kebab with foe grass and presented with strawberry and green chutney. The fusion of international and Indian cuisines are really worthy and yummy. This restaurants deals are also available online to excite your hunger.

Moti mahal – Moti Mahal is Delhi’s old surviving restaurant. It has been found after the short time of independence in 1947. They have introduced the recipes like tandoori chicken, butter chicken, burra kebab and brain masala which are famous till yet. It is original premises and gathered with decent atmosphere. Now, Moti Mahal has been expanded almost every city of India under the chairmanship of Kundan Gujral.

Bukhara – last but not least Bukhara is another best restaurant in Asia. Bukhara serves internationally and offer best Dum Pukht. It was opened in 1977 but little changed since then. You can feel like king while having food over there. They are popular for black lentil and tomato dal. They serve 24*7 and opened in many international destination. Don’t forget to taste them once.

Now, Indian traditional food has blend with modernity and allow you to take the feel of royal with their beautiful embellishments.

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