Using Timely Rentals to Save Capital

If you are in an industry in which a significant portion of your business is seasonal, there will likely be times when you simply do not have all the equipment you need to get every job done in a timely manner. If you invest in purchasing this equipment, it is likely to sit idle during the non-peak seasons. This may not be the wisest investment of your capital. You want those investment dollars to pay off for you year round rather than just a small portion of the time. A better choice might be to use rental equipment during those peak times. That way, the cost is expensed directly to the project at hand and capital is not tied up on under-utilized equipment. Fortunately, there are companies like Street Smart Rental that can supply you with whatever you need when you click here.
Using Timely Rentals to Save Capital
Another time when you may want to rent rather than purchase the equipment you need is during events that happen only annually or semi-annually. For example, a festival that takes place the same time every year is likely to draw large numbers of people, especially after its reputation grows over time. This means that there will be traffic flow issues to take into consideration. By renting things like changeable message signs, you can advise travelers well in advance which exit to take or which lane they need to be in. Congestion can be further cut down on with the use of portable traffic signals. One way they may be beneficial for short-term use is for pedestrian cross walks. Festival attendees will obviously need to get from the parking area to the activities section. Frequently, this involves crossing the road in places where pedestrian traffic is not normally present. A portable traffic signal can free up workers or volunteers to do other things.
Portable rumble strips might make for a wise addition in areas of high pedestrian traffic as well. They are good for keeping vehicular traffic at a safe speed. That way, your event is not only enjoyable for those attending, but it will be safe for them as well.
The list of equipment for which renting makes more sense than buying can go on and on. Sometimes, the only thing necessary to make the right decision is to simply ask yourself the question “is this something we need all year long or just during peak times?”

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