What Are Conference Centers Used For?

We have all heard the term conference center in our lifetime, but most of do not really know what conference centers are used for. The majority of people will tell you a conference center is used for commercial meetings, and while that is true, it is not the only purpose a conference center serves.

The manager at Honor’s Haven resort & Spa located between New York City and Albany was kind enough to explain the many ways people use their NY Conference Centers.

Commercial Venues Held in Conference Rooms

What Are Conference Centers Used For?

There are a lot of commercial activities that take place in conference rooms across the nation. It is probably safe to say that the majority of activities that take place in conference rooms are commercial in nature.

Meetings are one of the most frequently scheduled events in these rooms for rent. When a large corporation wants to get all of the heads of their different departments together they often choose an e vent center with a conference room that is centrally located between all of their company locations. Then all of the leaders can meet without anyone feeling like they were put out because they had to travel farther than the rest.


Many different occupations require further education for a person to retain their licenses in that field. A lot of the large companies will rent conference centers and hold further education and development seminars for their employees. The seminars may cover several different topics and be beneficial to many different people within the company.

Christmas Festivities

A lot of companies do not have enough space in their offices to hold Christmas parties for their staff and the families of their staff. These corporations will rent a large conference room so that all of their staff and their families can attend the party and be comfortable. The company does not have to be concerned with the cleaning after the party, and the event center hosting the conference room may even offer catering services.

Since many of the establishments that have conference rooms also have rooms to rent for the night; the people who attend the party do not have to worry about drinking and then driving home. They can enjoy the festivities and then retire to a room nearby and go home the next day when they do not have alcohol in their system.

Private Uses for Conference Rooms

You may not realize that private people can rent conference centers. Many people who are planning a large wedding will look at event centers with these large rooms to rent. They make the perfect place to hold a nbon-denominational wedding. Often the bride and groom choose one of these large rooms to rent that will be centrally located so that more of their family members can come take part in the wedding service.


After the wedding most people need a large gathering place for everyone to go and enjoy some time with the new bride and groom. These receptions can be held in conference rooms. Most event centers with these rooms to rent also have food and beverage packages so people do not necessarily have to have their own caterer in order to plan their reception at one of these locations. If you do have your own caterer the event center will usually make adjustments for them and the prices can be lower if you do not need food, beverages, or if you have a private caterer who intends to clean up after the reception.

Large Parties

A lot of schools have their seniors rent these conference rooms to hold their senior proms in. These rentable rooms are usually located in an establishment that offers lodging for the night so the children can attend the dance, then stay the night, and go home the next day after they have rested. This allows the school to not have to worry about damages that might occur to their gym floors, or about having to clean up the gym after the party.

Family Reunions

There was a time when family reunions were always held at the home of one of the family members, but fewer people have those large old estates where everyone can gather. A lot of families choose to have family reunions in conference centers so that all of the family will be comfortable, all of the family can stay in the local hotel rooms, and everyone can drive about the same distance to get to the reunion.

How much does it Cost to Rent a Conference Room?

The price of renting a conference room varies according to the size of the room you are renting, the length of time you will need the room, the special features you receive with the room.

Some of the conference rooms over bars and bartenders and some of them offer catered meals. The price you pay to rent the room will depend on what you are doing, how many people are going to be using the space, and if you want any special accommodations made.

Where can I find a Conference Room?

To start your search for a conference room for your next gathering you should look for listings for event centers, and for large hotels. The conference rooms in event centers may be slightly cheaper than the ones in the large hotels, but the ones in the hotels will likely be nicer rooms with more amenities.

You should call and ask about the size of the room, what comes with the rental price, how far in advance you should book the room, and what type of deposit you have to put down to secure the room on the date you desire to use it.

Remember to ask if you will have your deposit returned to you or if it will be deducted from the total rental price. You also want to ask if the deposit is returnable in the event that the event is cancelled and you do not need the room. Many conference centers will refund your deposit if you cancel far enough in advance that they can still rent the room out to someone else. If you cancel on short notice you will likely have to forfeit your deposit.

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