What Your Team Is Missing: 5 Positions You Didn’t Think To Incorporate Into Your Company

What Your Team Is Missing 5 Positions You Didn't Think To Incorporate Into Your CompanyAs a small-business owner, you likely already know that you need an accountant, a receptionist, and a sales manager on your team. These key players keep your business running smoothly and cover a lot of your basic needs and services.

But Forbes estimates that 9 out of 10 start-up companies fail. Who else should you add to your team to ensure you don’t become another statistic?

Web Designer

We live in a digital age, and businesses that can’t keep up with technological advances tend to fail quickly. Even if you work in a hands-on, labor industry, you still need a website to attract tech-savvy customers.

If you have yet to create a website, or if you haven’t updated your content in the last 5 years, hire a web designer to move your business forward.


Your web designer can integrate your videos, images, and animations so your site looks and feels new. But many designers need a little help creating fresh, engaging content—that’s where your copywriter comes in.

A copywriter fills your website with keyword rich, user-friendly blog posts, pages, and emails that will keep your customers coming back for more. The right copywriter will also capture your company’s persona and style in the written word, so customers know who you are and what you value.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after employees throughout multiple industries. These valuable employees design computer systems for your business to help you easily retrieve crucial information. When finding someone to fill this position, search for someone that has something like an information assurance degree.

Your data analyst may run periodic tests to ensure your programs run smoothly, as well as establish recovery plans to help you backup and recover information after a natural disaster. He or she may also work to upgrade your current system so it functions more effectively across multiple platforms and sites.

Head of Security

Although your business may seem small, it will likely grow and expand significantly over the next few years. During this time, you need someone who can keep your company’s personal and product information secure—both online and offline.

Your head of security can help you set up video cameras and locking mechanisms to keep your physical property safe. And he or she can also help you set up firewalls and passwords to keep digital information protected from hackers and cyber attacks.

Social Media Manager

Your website may look top-of-the-line, but do you have a large following on social media as well? Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram attract a variety of customers, and your social media manager will create content on these sites that direct traffic toward your business.

A social media manager will also function as an online customer service representative, quickly responding to questions and complaints to help build a positive reputation with your clients.

These are just a few positions you can incorporate into your company. With a little creativity, you could easily find more positions that will boost your work flow and better manage your resources.

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