Whitman Asset Management: An Ideal Money Manager

In a recent survey, it is found that most retired individuals to small investors are reasonably leaning toward fixed income based investments. This category of investments typically offer periodic income, standard returns and are received at standard intervals. Major advantage of investing in fixed income financial tools is its consistency where an investor can rely on such investments with the thought that it would provide a stable income on regular basis and which is reasonably predictable. Having been headquartered in Chicago, Whitman Asset Management is a generation-next asset Management Company which can offer you wide-ranging fixed income based investment tools including asset-backed securities, corporate bonds, international or municipal bonds and so on.

Whitman Asset Management:  An Ideal Money Manager

Initiated by well known American portfolio manager Charles F Whitman in 2013, WAM has earned immense confidence from individual to corporate investors for its consistent service and commitment. Charles or Chuck Whitman is a spontaneous name as well, a distinguished persona when it comes to the US Asset or Wealth Management market. He is the portfolio man who co-founded INFINIUM group and made it one of the aggressively leading capital management companies in America. With this immense professional background, Charles Whitman Infinium introduced the foremost Global Macro Tactical asset management enterprise in Chicago with an aim to offer more dependable investment solutions that investors are now looking for.

The highly motivated, insightful Chief Executive and Senior portfolio manager at Whitman Asset Management, Charles F Whitman has been activated with his team to guide his clients about the benefits of investing in global macro strategic investments. The company deals with varieties of stocks, global fixed income, currencies and asset commodities. In this investment process as you can enjoy wide options and necessary guidelines from your portfolio manager to take a correct decision and make productive investment. Unsurprisingly, its tactical methodologies reduce risk issues and ensure quick return of your investment.

Equipped with a group of experienced professionals from asset managing industry and supreme portfolio manger like Charles F Whitman, Whitman Asset Management knows better how your money should be well utilized. Mr. Whitman is a master in risk management analysis, liquidity analysis and about the methods of balancing portfolios which are some important part in tactical asset management. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience in working with varieties of investors, numerous industry related issues and wide-ranging financial products, he is exactly the portfolio manager who can help you attain the best value of your hard earned money.

As a successful money manager Charles Whitman Infinium has association with a number of commercial boards, chambers and stock exchanges. A few among them include Chicago’s Board of Trade, Chicago Board of Options Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and so on. For his consistent performance in Asset Management Industry and serving in-numerous people and enterprises to undergo safe and money making investment solutions, in the recent times Mr. Whitman has been acknowledged as ‘ Super Trader’ in the industry. He is a graduate from the esteemed DePaul University and used to undergo Continuous Education program in Asset Management to keep him up-to-date.

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