Why Does Your Restaurant Need To Own An Air Mover?

An air mover is a resourceful unit needed in every restaurant. This machine is capable of accomplishing several tasks. One use is to thoroughly dry different types of floor surfaces after they get wet from such things as cleaning, or spills. These surfaces include tile, hardwood, and carpet. When a floor dryer helps dry out a carpet faster, rather than air drying it, it is much safer. If a carpet was allowed to sit and air dry, this process would take a long time. During this time, many microbes will begin to build up into this carpet and end up in the air we breathe. These microbes are hazardous to our health, and can cause several respiratory problems.

Why Does Your Restaurant Need To Own An Air Mover

Adjustable and Different Speeds

Owning a business such as a restaurant, first priority if customers. To ensure customers are breathing in clean air, floors and carpets need to dry as quickly as possible. An air mover has different speeds that can be selected, letting you set it to the speed needed. These also are capable of being tilted, point it directly at the wet surfaces, such as carpet or tile, or point the floor dryer to blow is a different position, such as the ceiling or curtains. This can help dry other wet or damp surfaces in the room, as well.

Why Does Your Restaurant Need To Own An Air Mover?

Cleaner Air

Use of an air mover in a restaurant combined with an air scrubber, can ensure customers that visit the establishment are breathing in clean air. After floors in a restaurant are cleaned, and properly dried with a floor dryer, there still may be some contaminants left behind. With the use of an air scrubber in combination with an air mover, there will be a significant improvement in air quality.

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