Why Mugs Should Be Your Next Promotional Product

If you have been looking for a new way to promote your business, or maybe even a special event, then there is a good chance that you have considered using branded products that can be handed out to potential customers, clients, suppliers and just about anyone else that you can think of! There are lots of different items that you might consider including mousepads, water bottles, wrist bands, keychains and mugs. It is all about choosing the right product that works with your brand.

When it comes to making a choice about branded promotional items, drinkware is something that always comes out on top. This is because it is a useful item that people are not likely to just discard like they would a pen or a keychain. It is also an item that will be used on a daily basis. That means that people are going to be seeing your logo, brand and contact information on a regular basis! It is because of this fact that some of the most successful promotion products are custom coffee mugs.


This is a tried and tested product so you have little to no risk involved in terms of whether or not people are going to like the item. The majority of people can find a use for a mug! It is also a very cost effective choice that you will find very easy to source; for example, drinkbranders.com has promo mugs in a variety colors and styles at very reasonable prices.

The Top 3 Reasons For Choosing Promotional Mugs

So we have already touched on a few of the different reasons why promo mugs are an excellent choice, but let’s take a moment to look at those in more detail and set out the three definitive reasons for choosing this particular type of branded drinkware!

1 – Mugs Offer a Visible Reminder of Your Brand

The great thing about promo coffee mugs is that they allow you to add a fairly sizeable logo which is going to be visible from a few feet away. If you issue some of your branded coffee mugs to the staff on the front desk of your office building then everyone entering the building has the chance to see the logo. Unlike other promotional items like pens where the branding is tiny people will be able to see it from across the foyer. In addition to this, if you send out your branded mugs to customers, suppliers and even prospects then you will also be placing a visible reminder of your brand where they will see it regularly. Think of how many cups of tea or coffee the average person drinks in a day. Now imagine that every single time that person reaches for a coffee mug they see your brand in front of their face. Even if they are not always using your mug, chances are they will still catch sight of it in the cabinet next to their other mugs! Keep this in mind and choose bold colors for your design!

2 – Mugs Are Not Disposable

One more great thing about a branded mug is that they are not a disposable item! If you are handing out pens, keychains, memo pads or other small items then there is a chance that it will simply get lost or thrown away – especially consumable items! However, a mug is something that is going to last for a long time. People are not likely to throw out a free mug, instead they will start using it or maybe take it to the office. Even people who don’t regularly drink tea or coffee will hold onto something more tangible like a mug – it might be used as a pencil pot on their desk! What it all comes down to is this – a mug is a more long term investment of your money. Someone might use your branded pen for 2 or 3 weeks, but a mug could still be in use 3 years down the line – assuming of course it hasn’t been broken!!

3 – Promo Mugs Are Not Too Expensive

One of the biggest issues with some promotional items is that they are fairly expensive to produce. However, this is not the case with branded mugs. It is possible to pick them up for a couple of dollars or less and you will usually get a price break when ordering in bulk. Just plan ahead on how you will distribute them so you can decide on how many to order.

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